Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Ahhhh, yeah. Haven't been around the blogosphere as been busy working a lot. I guess I haven't been into the blogging thing for a while. But I will post once in a while so hope I can still keep in touch with all you bloggers out there that I have come to like!!

I'm on that darn facebook now and liking getting in touch with a lot of old friends and people that I have lost along the way and now finding through this internet world. It's nice. I'm just not into the the whole....'I've just made dinner' or I just went here and there. I like it more for saying 'hi' to friends that I haven't seen in ages.

My internship at the hospital is going well and have only 6 1/2 more weeks and done in August. Can't friggin wait!!! It's hard working 40 hours and not getting paid. I'm looking for a job for the future but the job market is pitiful!!! All of us in the state graduating in radiology and like 1 job up for grabs, it's the pits. Hopefully it will improve in the coming months as I don't want to be out of a job for long as I need to keep my skills current. Hope a move is not in our future but I would be willing to move for work but don't really want to move out of state. And everyone I know that is selling a house takes forever to sell it so that would be hard!

My boy is with grandma a lot during the week as I work and my hubby went to Alaska to fish and make some money on his vacation so it is nice to get some fun time for me. I'm watching movies at night and had a pedicure. Hmmmm....what will I do next? 4th of July will be spent with some family so looking forward to that. Anybody seen 'True Blood' from HBO? I rented the first two episodes.....about vampires and it is strange but I think I'll rent the next one. Next I will watch 'flirting with 40' - I had read the book and 'Gran Tourismo'.

Anyway.......I need to get to bed as I've been getting like 5 hours a night as I'm a night owl and have to get up at 5am these days. bluck. I hate dragging butt at the hospital as it's physical work but I can't seem to get to bed early.