Friday, August 28, 2009

I have much to be thankful for.....

You know when you are having a crappy I was the other mood was down....I'm looking for a job and there is nothing out there in my area which I just got a degree in. I am going around the track at the gym and I see a guy who is on a walker with help from 2 of his family and just struggling to get around 1 lap which is 1/6th of a mile. I start to lucky, how thankful am I that I have my health. How hard his life must be to just walk, to just function as I could tell he had special needs, physically and mentally. This gym, the Y, brings me back to reality all the time as there are several people with special needs. I have much, very much to be thankful for. My health, my family, money to at least survive for now. It got me to thinking again....I would very much like to volunteer someday to help others. Especially special needs or the elderly. I find myself liking working with the elderly especially in the health care field.

Anyway, just need to get real once in a while and quit the negative thinking....and down moods. I have been doing pretty well on the average though. Got done with school on the 15th and then went to Lake Chelan and winthrop. I wish I had some pics but here are three from last year. One of the lake and one of Winthrop/town and one of my sister's cabin we stayed at on 2 nights. The others at the lake, we camped. I can't find my dang camera!!

I've just been enjoying my last bit of summer and studying for my licensing test next month. We are going to the gym a lot, went to an outdoor pool yesterday, had a bday party for my kid, etc.... We will go to my dad's cabin this weekend to work on improving the dock with a new cover and nails, etc. It probably needs new wood boards too but I think that will cost too much. Hopefully, we will get in some swimming or boating if the weather holds up but rain is forecast, bluck.

I am really relieved that school is over and I got my college diploma. Now it is going to be a chore to find a good job and will take some time though I'm working on what little leads I can find and will be relieved when I can get this big test over with and quit studying.

I have a few things to look forward mom got me and my sisters a massage/facial thing for a graduation present and the sisters get the benefit too. ha! I might go to Seattle in early September and go to the EMP Music experience project. It is supposedly free the first Thursday night of the month. You can listen to music, play guitar and things. I've never been there. I am taking guitar lessons once a week just for a month and have learned a few basic chords/notes. I can tell this will take a really long time to learn the guitar. My teacher is a young rocker type guy but he knows his stuff.

My other news is.....yeah, wait for it.......I've been losing weight again!!!!! It's about time, huh???? I started on 7/7 at wt watchers and lost about 12 pounds. I think I will lose more this week as I've been exercising a lot again. I lost quickly the first month but that last few weeks and going on vacation I have been at a standstill with up a pound, down a pound. I am proud of myself that even on vacation I found a wt watchers meeting and tried to stay on track. I am feeling optimistic about this next year and getting off some major poundage. I have to....for my health, for my feet and working on them all day in my new profession and lots of other reasons. I'm tired of living in this fat cocoon.....and need to get back to really living life and liking the body I am in....someday.

I hope you all are well out in blogland and will visit you soon!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Officially not a blogger much.....

Yeah, life gets in the way. And I have lost interest in most of the blogging world due to working/interning a lot and just life in general. Also, the summer months gets me outside more and doing things away from the computer. Sometimes, I begin to loathe the internet world and not dealing with people face to face so I retreat a bit but I'm sure I'll come back sooner or later.

School is almost done and I can taste it. One more week or really 4 more work days as they have me on 10 hr days/wed-saturday. Then I will immediately go on vacation over to Lake Chelan and do some camping and swimming and maybe over to Winthrop where my sister has a cabin. We all went there last year and it was nice. I really wanted to take a plane ride anywhere, maybe Disneyland but I don't think it's gonna happen as I'm looking for a job. The job market sucks for x-ray and it may take me a while to find something. I'll be happy with part time if I can find it. It seems some of us classmates are all competing for the same jobs and there is like 1 or 2 so pretty grim but I'm trying to keep my chin up. I will take a month to study for my big registery/license test and hopefully pass that on the first try.

Other than that we have been going down to my dad's cabin when the sun was out and doing some boating and tubing and skiing. I'm not a skiier but I can drive the boat and do some tubing and lots of swimming. I may also try sky diving!!! As my graduation present...I'm looking for takers....anyone interested? ha. My cousin or neice may try it with me. You go tandem strapped to some guy but the downside is that it is like $250 and up so not sure if I can swing it. My mom said my present is massages and facials with all my sisters at the end of the month so that will be fun. I've got a bad case of senioritis and just praying the week goes fast!

I had a nice Sat. night going out with old friends for a bachelor/bachelorette party for friends of ours that were in our class in high school and got together all these years later and will go to Maui and get married next month. We drank quite a bit and danced a bit and gave some naughty presents. ha! Good to let loose a bit as it's been a while.

Also, my next hobby is learning to play the guitar. I thought I was getting an acoustic one and my hubby gave me an electric guitar for our anniversary this week. I'm like, what?????!!!! I think it is more for my son and him. I want to learn on a basic wooden one so we'll see.

I hope you are all doing well out in blogland and I will visit when I come up for air. Thanks for still reading.