Thursday, December 11, 2008

Survived the week!!!

I survived finals week! Yes!!!!! Happy, happy, joy, joy. I think I got A's on all my finals tests....not sure about one of them as I won't get it back. For the class grades, I think I'm getting mostly A's and prob. one B but we'll see what happens when they post them next week.

For the comment from Spider/Ironman.....if I'm done with school, unfortunately not. Just a winter break. I have to take classes till June and then intership in the summer and be done in mid August. Then the big test I will have to study for to pass the get my license to be a radiology tech. We already kind of have started studying for this big test and it's an ongong thing.

We finished today and went out to breakfast with a lot of the other it was fun. Would have been funner to have a party but that will come later. We have a conference in April in Wenatchee (in Wash state.) so that should be fun. People are already talking of the partying that will be going on. I'm sure there will be. There is quite the age gap from 21-50 year olds, so it should be interesting.

Now....I can get back to concentrating on my family and getting ready for xmas. We are going away this year but I'm still getting a little tree and have gifts to buy. I'm excited to have time to myself too. What will I do with myself? ha! It's back to the gym here soon, to the hairdresser. to the mall, etc. I need to get another outfit for the cruise as my mom wants us to dress up some nights. uggghhh. I'm just not that happy getting new clothes....I mean with this body. ha.

We are going out to dinner to celebrate the end of the quarter. Just some pizza or something but will be good to get out. Hope you are all doing well and I will make the blog rounds here soon!


Iron Fist said...

Congratulation on finals week going so well!

CactusFreek said...

Woohoo go you!! :o)