Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Daydreaming a bit about the sunshine....the vacation....as my life is stressful again. What's new. Not many of the other pictures turned out...as it was an underwater camera. Here's a few. One of my son underwater....and a building in St. Martin though the pic is way too light. A pic of a street in st. thomas.....there's me in the little sun dress. Ha! Just kidding. Some pictures of the inside of the ship....had a little mini mall in there; my son in dreadlocks and the local wildlife. They aren't that great but thought I would share.
I'm back to the stress of life with school and working/interning. I'm finding it hard as there is a big learning curve learning all the different aspects of the hospital from xraying the ER patients, the out-patients, the stretcher/wheelchair patients, the babies, the critical care patients and using the portable xray machines. Soon I will go into surgery and see what that's like. What is hard is learning all the different machines/rooms and the procedures. I feel like I had it down at my last clinic and now all the rules have changed and I'm the newbie again. I know I will get the hang of it soon enough and will learn a lot. There are a lot more employess too and a lot more personalities.
I hope you all are well and thanks for commenting. I hope to visit all your blogs soon!


Chris H said...

I love the photos, it's so neat seeing different parts of the world through other's photos! Good luck with the new posting, I'm sure you will find your feet and do well mate.

Elephant Steps said...

Love the photos!
Hang in there, it's always hard at first when you are use to another place (the other clinic), but you'll get the hang of it!

CactusFreek said...

Day dreaming doesn't cost anything at least! lol
Great pics. The Rastafarian hat almost looks real!

*Christie* said...

Looks like you were on the SAME ship I was! I recognize the big swirly blue thing in the middle.
GREAT pictures!!! Definitely go to the trip as your 'happy place' when you are feeling stressed. You are doing so great, can you see the light at the end of the tunnel yet?

celtic_girl said...

Great pictures, jusr keep thinking of the sunshine

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Anonymous said...

The great thing about being in a big place with lots of employees is that you can blend into the background much easier if you want to. It is also easier to find a couple of people that you might like as work-friends and you can help each other in your work.