Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Holidays.....and the good and the bad

Happy Holidays to everyone!!! I haven't been blogging much but hey I've been on vacation! I did get some time to comment on a few of your blogs a while back but I was away at my mom and dad's for a while and had to do the family thing and visit and go to movies. Seemed there was no time to just surf the net. We played some board games, watched movies and had some time experiencing the Wii game system as the cousins love that.

We had a nice Christmas and a good time was had by everyone. There was a downside which was some of the kids had the flu and a lot of us had colds and I've had this chest cold with bronchitis like symptoms. Yeah, sucks. I had to miss a day in Seattle to go to a great play due to a fever and coughing up. Seems like I've never really kicked this cold but it is easing up now. It was not fun at xmas to see one kid after another get the barfs. yuck!!!

I got a few clothes and lots of gift cards to a department store in the mall and one to Starbucks. So, I will be shopping again here real soon. The malls are still really crowded so I'm staying away from now as I'm sick of crowds. I gearing up to go back to school on Wednesday so looking forward to that. I'm starting my internship at a large clinic so I'm a little apprehensive as to what to expect. I'm hoping at first I just follow someone around and watch them do xrays before they throw me into the fire. I haven't even gotten my scrubs yet and will get them the day before. I hope they fit.

Yeah, weight loss hasn't been happening. I fluctuate up and down 5 pounds with being sick but it seems to come right back on. We may go to the gym today and I haven't been in ages as I've felt like crap but I can do some walking at least. Nothing planned for the new year, we don't do parties anymore. We'll try to stay up till 12am and watch the ball drop on tv. Oh, how exciting my life is. ha!

Thanks out to WannaBslim for the xmas card from way down in Tasmania! Wow, I appreciate that and it was a lovely card. I've never been down that way or even to Australia or New Zealand. Diving the great barrier reef is definitely on my list of things to do before I die! I will get there, just not now. Check out her blog and check out her awesome weight loss progress. She's definitely one of my inspirations that people can succeed at this weight loss game.

My hubby is all hyped up about his Escape from Alcatraz race as he just got to register. It's not until June though. He will get to swim near the infamous Alcatraz Island in San Francisco and brave the cold, cold waters and hopefully not shark sitings! It looks like a hard bike ride and run too as they run some on the sand and lots and lots of hills. I think the water part would be the hardest as it is a long swim. I hope I can be there as it will probably be around my finals week. Some of my family wanted to go watch but there are 2 graduations this June - my neice and nephew so everyone will be busy with that. I will make it, it will be fun. It is hard to watch a triathalon but you can be at key spots to see them. Plus, I love me some San Francisco so we'll see if we can afford it.

I'm off to check on your blogs and you are all well and having a relaxing holiday season now that the xmas rush is over. I can't believe we didn't take any xmas photos, dangit!


celtic_girl said...

Yes, Xmas just comes and goes in th blink of an eye. It shouldbe categorised as a cyc;oneot earthquake as it comes in so fast and does so much damage!!!

Hope your internship goes well. I think they will have you observe though at first.

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Oh bummer about you all being so unwell... Luckily we have all been really good this year...
I agree with Celtic Girl about christmas should be catagorised as an earthquake!! hahaha
I am so glad you got / liked your card... and thanks for the shout out for everyone to come and witness my massive gain over Christmas.. mwahahahaha... see I am human after all.... ;o)
good luck with your internship.. dont forget us.. we would still love to hear how it is all going..
Oh how exciting for your hubby to be doing that tri!!!

Chris H said...

Bummer about having a cold lingering. Wanna is lovely eh .. she sent me a card too and I felt so guilty cos I dont' send out cards! Hope the rest of the holidays go well for you and your family.

B said...

Lachie and I were sick for Christmas too, it sucks. Sounds like you still had an okay time though. I love Wanna too, she is a very determined lady. Hope you enjoy what's left of your holiday.

Living to Feel Good said...

OMG that Alcatraz race sounds fun. I should mention that to my husband. His brother lives up there, so he could stay and I could watch ha!

We don't go to parties either. I always watch the ball drop on tv. In fact I prefer it. I like flipping through all the channels in my warm safe home.

TrixieBelden said...

sorry to hear about all the sickness during the holidays, but it sounds like you got to spend a lot of time with family, which is always a good thing whether we realize it at the time or not :)

your internship is going to be great! i'm so excited for you that you are starting something new.

Tully said...

I don't hink many of us have done very well with our diets over Christmas, but that is what the New Year is for! :-)

I hope you make it down to Australia one day- it is worth the trip!

Best wishes for 2008!

RunningNan said...

Walking is great.. start there. Plus, maybe with your intership, you'll move so much that it will help with your weight loss. I know that when I was a bartender working 17 hours over 2 days that I dropped a lot of weight with out changing my eating habits too drastically. Good Luck!

Amanda said...

Happy New Year! I hope that you are all feeling a little better now. Glad to hear you had a good christmas despite being under the weather! Take care, Amanda xox :)