Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back to school and a bit overwhelmed

My college started back up yesterday....I do 3 days of clinicals/intership all day and then the other 2 days of the week I go to classes at the college. I'm feeling overwhelmed with the amount of homework and studying I need to do in addition to working. What especially freaks me out is the papers/case studies and situation type papers I will need to do on top of tests, etc. Aaaaaiiiiiii! I know I will get through it, just one day at a time and lots of weekend studying. I think I'm gonna like my CT (computerized tomography) class the best. I also like seeing all my classmates again.....missed some of them.

I did have a month long break from school so that was nice and I'm happy that I didn't forget how to xray people after that amount of time off. Now, I am busy doing my competencies which is where they test me on different xrays and rate me on how I did. It can be a bit nervewracking on difficult exams but so far so good....I took the bull by the horns and got 4 done yesterday. I have some unusual/diffucult exams to get in this quarter and these type of xrays don't come around often so I have to wait and wait and some day they will come in and then I will get the chance to test on them. It'll all pan out...it always does.

Sorry to bore you with my school news...but that is my life nowadays. My son seems to be adjusting to his new daycare now that I'm back in school and is enjoying 1st grade. My hubby has been so busy with his triathalons every weekend but I think it's the end of the season now, well we'll see. I don't have anything exciting to look forward to in the near future that I can think of, boo hoo!

As for weight loss news....I haven't been doing much in that department and I need to. I picked up the book 'Shrink yourself:Break free from emotional eating forever' by Gould. I don't know, I have so many books in my collection already but I was reading a bit of it at the book store last week and it was interesting. I don't have much time to read it with school and all but I'll let you know what I think of it when I get some time to read it more. I'm forever hopeful that I will just get with the program and quit my yo/yo syndrome of up and down in weight! Have you ever heard that we chose to be overweight or not. I mean, I'm doing the behaviours that keep me chubby, ya know what I mean. I don't know why I'm thinking about this at the moment but it seems lately that my 'switch is not flipped', meaning my heart is just not into the weight loss mode. I haven't lost hope.....I'm just tired most nights and not feeling like exercising when my feet are aching from all day on my feet and I need to get dinner on the table. Sounds like I'm making excuses but such is life. For the feet, I did get some orthodics made to put in my shoes so just waiting on them to be done and got some Dansko shoes which are supposed to make be good for people who are on their feet a lot so we'll see if these help.

What are all you out there in blogland doing this week....I'm not getting too much internet time but I'll try to make it around to the blogs here soon!


CactusFreek said...

Gee don't worry about internet time, just get that work organised!
Do you have a quiet work space just for you? Can you set aside a certain time each day to study?

I done my childcare certificate in '05 and i found it very hard with 3 young kids running around the house. Just get a study plan together and stick to it. Then it shouldn't be so overwhelming :o)

Chris H said...

I think you do so well to juggle it all and keep sane! As for the diet, I too just can't seem to get back into it...but hey, there is more to life eh?

celtic_girl said...

Well I dont think your making excuses, it would be very hard to do with a schedule like yours. Unfortunately to be succussful at weight loss you need to be "anal" about it, and when were stress eaters, the extra stress dosen't help, it's a catch 22 situation.

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Hang in there--keep doing what you know is good for ya! We are all rooting for you to keep up the good work :)

Spider63 said...


I know you will!