Saturday, September 13, 2008

went to the fair....and just chillin

It has seemed like work this week to blog. I don't know, just not into it as much. Sigh.... But I like to see how you are all doing and keep ya up to date with me too.

So, we went to the local, big fair here and these are some of the pics I took. My son is a big fan of Spongebob though he was asking me....'is there a man in there?' ha! I went on a lot of rides with him and was starting to feel sick. It's funny how we love the rides as kids but as we get older I don't so much. I did enjoy the roller coaster we went on and it was his first big roller coaster and he loved it. (I only had a pic of him on the kiddie coaster.)

Other than that been feeling a bit blah about things....just cleaning house and meeting up with friends before college starts up. I need to pick up my books for school and not looking forward to seeing how much they cost. Good news is that I will get some financial aid....a little of a grant but most I have to pay back so I will have tuition covered.

We will get ready here in a few hours to go meet my parents up is there 50th Anniversary and we all will take them out to dinner, so that will be fun but pricey! Other than that I've been playing my kids Wii game and I'm liking the MarioKart, sports such as tennis, golf and bowling. It is kind a weird to not be really doing the sports but just simulating them. A lot cheaper, I suppose. If I really get into the tennis it gets you much for a workout. I am going to the gym some but not as much as I could...I'll start back up on Monday with workouts but my son and I are fighting colds and are hacking a bit. The weather has been awesome so can't complain. Hope you are all doing well!

Here's a guy who was a human cannonball at the fair. We'll see if the video works here:


Sizzle said...

One of these days I am going to the Fair. Every year I miss it!

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

The fair looked like lots of fun.. My kids would love it...
I would enjoy the cannonball thing..heheh
Glad your weather is holding out too..
Ours is crappola big time but we have been lucky enough up til this week to have cold but fine days.. I hate the rain...
But it is spring here and only a couple of months til Summer..woohooo
Daylight savings at the end of this month too I think..I lurv that!!!

Chris H said...

Fairs are fun, I too am over the rides though. Griffin went on a huge rollercoaster in Australia last year and I nearly died of fright thinking he would fall out of it! Don't like that. Hope you are feeling a bit more 'up' soon. If blogging becomes a 'chore' maybe you should take a break? Even a tiny break might re-motivate you!

celtic_girl said...

I used to like the rides but not so much now,they make me nauseous just looking at them.

Amanda said...

Hi Angelfish! can you let me know your email address so I can invite you to my blog?

Amanda :)

CactusFreek said...

Great pics! Awesome weather for it too huh? Not too warm.
I love the fair! [Mostly for the dagwood dogs lol]
We saw Spongebob at a new mall opening last week [He gets around]. I explained to Jason beforehand, "Sea creatures can't talk when they aren't in water as they need to reserve their oxygen." and he took that, hook line and sinker..If you'll excuse the pun lol
Your Spongebob looks better than ours. Our looked stoned! lol

Spider63 said...


Elephant Steps said...

Fair pics are great!! I love that your son asked if there was a man in the spongebob. Hahaha. Isn't Mario Kart fun? I've been playing against one of my blog friends Anne a couple times a week.

Outrider said...

Cool Spongebob, my daughter and I love that show!

Spider63 said...



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