Saturday, March 21, 2009

bday celebrations and time on my hands

Just some photos from our beautiful state, probably ones you've seen before. I really should get out and see the scenery but it's been dark and dreary here as of late.

My hubby's birthday is today so we have been celebrating a bit and will go out to dinner somewhere....maybe a steak. Outback or such? You auzzies and Kiwi's heard of this restaurant owned my Australians? They do have pretty good food and beer.
I gave hime his presents but he says he really only wants one thing....ya know what that is ladies. ha!!

We are just taking it easy today and haven't even gotten dressed yet! I'm on my spring break and got my hair highlighted yesterday and went to the movie 'slumdog millionaire'. It was really good. I then watched 'derailed' movie on video which was a bit disturbing. I'm reading magazine and doing a lot of things I don't have time for when school is on such as cleaning house. I thought I had a lot more time to myself next week of it's school conference week and so kids are in school 1/2 time. So, not sure if I will be out to visit friends I haven't seen in a while or not.

We did decide to go to that indoor water park/hotel next we are all looking forward to that! What else would I like to do....maybe get out and take some photos....I used to love doing that so we'll see how that goes. Also, I'm giving lots of thought to getting healthier again. Working out again and losing some poundage. School is taking my whole life over and it shouldn't keep me from accomplishing other things in my life which it has.

Take care and if you stop by....come on now leave a comment. Think I have lost most my readers! But, that's ok. Hope you are all well and having a great weekend.


Chris H said...

I hope your hubby had a lovely birthday... and got what he wanted *snigger*....
Havn't heard of that restaurant sorry.

Anonymous said...

actually, i've had this question in my head for a long time... why don't interns get paid? i mean, they're working, doing a job... I don't get it!

Cindy in CO

celtic_girl said...

Lovely photos, I love Orca's.

Hope your hubby had a great birthday. Sorry havcn't heard of that resturant either.