Sunday, March 01, 2009

still around, still breathing

Still around but haven't been into blogging much or looking at blogs, sorry! Life just gets in the way or maybe I'm gettin tired of it, I don't know.

Everything's going pretty good with school and interning....I will have a break coming up the week of March 21 so I'm looking forward to that. I do hate that my spring break and my son's are different and that will mean more daycare on his break which sucks. Sometimes my mom will help out but she went down south the California for the month. She's a snowbird as they call it....go down to get some good weather when ours sucks here in the north.

I had a chance to visit with friends on Friday girls group (old high school friends) but was saddenned to learn than one of my best girlfriends is moving to Chicago in the summer. Her husband is in banking and he has to go where the job goes. I hope they can come back some day. They have lived quite the life and have lived all around the world but she was enjoying being a homebody here in Washington and is sad about leaving. I know they'll be back for vacations as their family is here and they have a nice cabin here up by the San Juan's. (If you don't know where that is...that is in northern washington up near Canada almost and is near where I grew up). It is beautiful up there and I can appreciate it now that I'm older. I remember when I was 18 I couldn't wait to get off the island I grew up on because there was nothing to do. Now, I like to visit the family there and just chill out. Maybe a move is in my future?? If there is a job up that way when I graduate, who knows? I still love the Seattle area though and all there is to do though.

I need to go study my stuff.....this week it is child abuse, yuck, yuck. Makes you sick to your stomach but something we might encounter in the health care world and I need to know the signs.

Not much else happening though I did have a birthday! I got to go out to a Japanese steakhouse (kind of like a benihana) where they cook and chop the food in front of you and have lots of fire and my son got to beat the big drums. I got some gift certificates to a local department store (Macy's) so I need to go spend them and I need some new tennis shoes as well as an outfit or makeup I guess.

Hope you all are well and will try to get around to the blog this week and see how your corner of the world is.


celtic_girl said...

Happy Birthday!

Sorry to hear of your friends departure.

I suppose your going to hear some horror stories re the child abuse,like you it just makes me sick in the stomach.

Take care

CactusFreek said...

Yea happy birthday :o)
You can visit your freind too, remember that.
When i done my certificate in childcare, we had to do a section on child abuse and i would drive home in tears afterwards.
When i completed the cert, i had the option of getting a job in child walfare, but i just couldn't do it. As much as those kids need protecting, there is too much red tape preventing them from getting help. I just don't have the balls for it :o/

Elephant Steps said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Your dinner sounds fun!!
Don't worry about blogging. I think we all go through that. I know I did for a long time. We'll still be here when you have a chance.

Chris H said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY chick! Hope you have a nice day.