Sunday, February 15, 2009

sick sick sick

I've got a yucky cold that won't quit. It's going around I guess but it makes it hard to get my work done as I would rather just sleep!!
We had to go out of town to my brother in law's 50th bday party. It was a good time but the party was over by everyone is getting old. ha! He is one of those guys that usually doesn't stay up past 9pm as he works real early so that was good for him. It was good as I saw a few of his old friends that I have seen in in years....maybe decades.

I got to visit with my mom and dad too as they live in the same town as my sister and we got to try my dad's infamous crab he is an avid crabber and fisherman all his life. Now I am back home and finishing up my second long paper for class projects. Yuck, yuck, but it is done!!! I'm glad I have tomorrow off for President's day and I can study some more of my trauma book for a test on Tuesday and try to find time for something fun. I borrowed a movie from my mom called 'Derailed' with Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen. I hear it's naughty and violent....hmmmmm...don't know if I'm in the mood for that.

Not much else going on....just same old, same old.........hope you are all doing well!!!


Chris H said...

Hope your cold gets better soon and you enjoy 'Presidents Day'... and the movie!

Elephant Steps said...

I had the cold that's going around too last week. My husband says everyone at his work has it right now too. Yuck.
Good luck on your test tomorrow! :)

celtic_girl said...

Hope your cold get better soon and good luck wiuth your test.

CactusFreek said...

Aawww get well :o/