Sunday, February 10, 2008

A new day and thoughts swirling in my head...

It's a better day today. I hate how I get so stressed and down with all I have going on. But if I wait it out things get better. School and work combined is really stressing me out I guess.

My mom has been watching my son for 2 days so I had time to start my big paper/project and now today I will study for 2 more tests tomorrow while my hubby picks him up. It's nice to have grandparents that can do this once in a blue moon and make it a little easier. I know everyone doesn't have this option and I'm thankful for it.

My hubby and I went out to the movie 'Fool's Gold' that has Kate Hudson and Matthew McCaughney in it. It was pretty good and they seem to be good together but I got a little tired of people trying to kill them all the time as they were searching for treasure. We were in the theater and the fire alarm goes off and everyone goes out and right before we went out the door we all heard it was ok and to go back in. It happened right at the beginning of the film but at least we got to see the rest of the film. I was just thinking if we had to get out of here in a hurry it would be impossible with the theater packed. There were so many people next time I think we will just rent dvd's, it seems much more enjoyable than wall to wall people. Other than that we just layed around the house and I did a little homework. It is nice to take a day out and not do too much. We seem to never get days like that.

The eating/dieting hasn't been too bad. I'm not really making any progress but I'm still not gaining so that's a plus. I guess that all I can do right now and that's ok. I wish you all luck on your healthy living. Some of you are really making strides and a good incentive for me when I get my mojo back and start losing again.

Also about being healthy/getting thinner:

Ya know, I was sitting next to a smoker recently and this older lady lit up and just starting choking and hacking and then would take a puff on her cigarette. I was thinking 'why doesn't she just quit smoking and she won't choke like that, she wasn't choking before lighting up'. Then, I thought about it. We all have bad habits of some kind. Why is her bad habit unlike my bad habit of being chubby and not having the best relationship with food at times. Why is that any different than me not getting to a healthy weight and the emotional eating that I do at times. I go around and look at some of the wt loss blogs and some are all about this new diet or this way of eating that will work this time. Then it is off the program and gaining and back on the next best thing or the next best diet or plan. We all want the golden prize of getting thin and more importantly being healthy and feeling good about our bodies. Sometimes I feel like it's all a load of bulls*it they are feeing us in the media. I was trying to think what ever worked for me to lose weight. Sure wt watchers for a while but after that just exercising a lot made me want to make the healthy choices. I actually forgot about choosing the bad foods most days and wanted healthy food to give me energy. I was in the zone last spring/summer. The flip was switched. I was losing, though slowly, I was training for a race. I see some out there in blogland really making progress and the universal key to all of them is consistent exercise. Not a few months and stop, it is every week. So that's what I will concentrate on this week. Just get in some exercise and the rest will follow is my motto!! I want to be in that zone again and I will! I can't wait for spring and that will mean more time outdoor to workout and not all this rain. Ok, can't get away from the rain up her in Washington but it will be warmer soon.

In other news, I have a work thing that is bothering me. Already some office politics and I hate it. I am trying to stay out the fray as I'm just an intern. Maybe I'll write about that next time. Hope you all are having good weekends!!!


Chris H said...

My motto is 'each to his own, and what works for you'.. we are all different. Diet alone can work cos that's all I did for ages, but exercise added in helps tone too, and burn calories... so go for it! Good on you for keeping out of the office politics, good move.

Mishugo Kakamoko said...

Stay out of the office politics. The last one in is the first one sacrificed.

As far as smokers are concerned, it is true we all have some habits. Funny that almost any habit can be destructive to some degree. I recall those old timers who would had throat cancer and they had a breathing hole in their neck and these folks had to talk through a hand-held speaker. They also smoked through that hole in their neck. Talk about addiction. Yet, how many obese people are just as bad?

Living to Feel Good said...

I thought that movie looked cute, but I will probably wait to rent it.
Congrats to you, with all that is going on with you , that is a major accomplishment to maintain. Be proud of that!

Christie said...

Knowing what does and does not work for you is a great first step. I think you are onto something!
I agree about the media feeding us stuff. My friend and I just saw a commercial for the new version of the Care Bears cartoon... I watched Care Bears when I was young in the 80's and even the Care Bears have lost weight now! They used to be all round and cute... now their heads are bigger than their bellies and they look thin. Care Bears!! Come on!!

In the Intuitive Eating book I'm reading, they point out the conflict that is placed on us women from the media, because on one hand there's commercials for foods and drinks that tell us to pamper ourselves or forget the diet and indulge, etc. Then the next commercial will be for clothes and have size 0 models, or it will be for a gym or a diet pill or whatever it might be. SO just from the media we get mixed messages... EITHER indulge yourself OR lose weight. It doesn't have to be that way! :)

Yeldarb said...

I am new to your blog and appreciate your battle with weight loss. Patience is indeed the key along with perserverance. Keep it up... I am going to add your link to my blog if you dont mind as i am working on weight loss as well...

Keep the Faith - BC

Chris H said...

I'm over my hissy fit, DIET COKE ROCKS is back.

CactusFreek said...

Good luck with the work AND study! I don't think i could do both. I work one day a week, and my week revolves around that!

It's a good example you used with the smoking lady. If we had the magic answer for quitting our habits, we would.

I was going to watch Fools gold when it comes out on DVD, but i dunno now, after your discription! lol
I like those two together as well. I enjoyed watching them in 10 days to lose a guy.

I'm with Mishugo, stay out of the politics if you can. If you let everyone know you are nuetral and not into gossip, they will leave you out of it :o)