Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Been busy

I haven't had time to post or maybe haven't had much to say. Other than I am stressed!

Do you ever get so stressed to the point you just want to have a good cry? This school and work is driving me crazy. Especially the school as the work is never done and they test us constantly. This isn't med school, jeeeez! I find myself dreaming of some day far away when I can vacation and get away from it all and just lay by a beach. I know some day that day will come but for now the hard work is what I have to do.

I guess I just get down when I don't have time for friends or even some of my family, I just can't do it all. Ok, just feeling frustrated tonight. It will be better after my physics test tomorrow and I can take a mini breather before Thursday.

Also I get down about our tight, tight finances as of late. It's just another stresser. Sorry I'm a downer tonight. Probably cause I'm studying for the test tomorrow and physics sucks or maybe it's just boring to me and I'm tired and not feeling right.

I haven't been around the blogs much but I will when I get time. This weekend will be more fun with writing my paper and studying for tests. I need something to look forward too but what??!!

Oh, yeah forgot to mention that I've been having tummy cramps for 3 days (food poisoning or other?) and I went to doctor last week for my annual check up and she started me on my first ever blood pressure medicine! And she said 'by the way you have a bladder infection so here's some other meds!'
Yuck. One more incentive to get my weight down and see if it lowers my blood pressure as it's been creeping up slowly. She said I could try to go off it if I lose some weight. Of course, it may be hereditary too as my mom is thin and trim but has high blood pressure matter what. I hope that's not the case for me. I think the meds give you side affects as I've been feeling hot and sweaty and other aches and pains. Mild, but odd. Give me your opinion if you have been any meds such as these. Did you have side effects? Did you change medicine to get the right one?
Ok, I'm feeling officially old now!!! Ok, I'll quit my bitchin now. Things will be better soon.

How are you all doing if you are still out there reading?? Hope you are well!


Marshmallow said...

Oh Patty! Best of luck for your test tomorrow; you poor thing. *HUGZ* You must be so overwhelmed with everything that's happened to you recently, and all that's happening to you now. I wish I could come over and try to take some of the burden off you, but just know that I care about you and I really hope that you can find a way to take some time out for yourself sometime soon.

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Oh dear... bummer about the blood pressure...
I hope all went well with the test...
I know what you mean about all the stress... arghhh butlife goes on girl!!!

Christie said...

Of course still reading! I'm sorry you are under so much stress babe. I hope it lets up a little soon.
I understand the tight finances as we've had a lot of that lately. In March will get some temporary relief, but we need to be earning more in order to get out of it permanently!!


Ironside said...

Exercise is the key to lower blood pressure. And losing weight. eating right. less stress. etc.

I hope you get all A on your tests and do well and feel better!!