Sunday, February 24, 2008

they say it's your birthday

They say it's your birthday, da da da da da da, happy birthday to you!!!! Yep it's the big day. As I get older I used to think, 'yuck another birthday, I'm getting so old'!!! But now, after losing people to cancer last year, I'm like 'yeah! I get another birthday'!!! It is a gift, this life we get to live. It is really hard at times but we wouldn't change the chance to live it for anything.

I had a nice day out yesterday going to the play in Seattle. It was called 'Mame' and then we went to dinner at the top of the Hilton and could see out above the high rises and space needle and out to the bay. We were concentrating on talking to each other and had a nice steak dinner and it was a nice time with my mom, sister, my friend Kathy and another lady. It was nice as I asked my friend Kathy to come as my other sis couldn't make it. This is the friend that I haven't seen since the Danskin triathalon. The one where we we hit a rough patch and wrote letters to each other, hard letters about feelings about life and each other. But, in the end we are still friends as we've known each other since birth just about!!! We were neighbors and played together as babies and prob. took baths together. ha! We don't see each other very often but we still have affection for one another and want the best for each of us.

Today I got a breakfast made for me by hubby and soon here I do have to go study at the library as school won't quit for bdays. I have to learn more about the stomach and esophagus and of course, physics. This is mid terms and the stress is mounting. Good thing is that I finished my paper yesterday on the icky barium enema and it just needs a few tweaks for friday. I have to get a few more things for my speech I need to do on it like an overhead or drawing. I can't draw worth a crap so I think I'll do some transparencies on the overhead. I'll use the enema tip to simulate how you put it in the buns! I hope people aren't laughing. I have to talk for 10 minutes. I can do this! I hope I don't freeze up.

I did a short meme in the post below so check it out and I tagged a few of you. In the wt loss arena, I'm still staying the same though I ate healthy last week I think the big dinner last night did me in. I am going to start going to wt watchers again. I know, I know....some don't like the program but I have to do something to get losing again as I want to be thinner by December for a vacation I'm taking then. And of course, the most important thing is that I want to be healthier!!! The points system can get old but I may try the core program where you eat the healthy items they suggest and there is no exact portion control. Just eat how much too make you satisfied. A new concept, I hope it works for me.

I hope you are having great week and talk to ya soon!

Here's a funny old photo of us back in our scuba days...loving for the chance to the caribbean with the fish....ha...I look a little uncomfortable and starting to float up! This made an excellent xmas card that year.


Marshmallow said...

Happy Birthday!!! :-D

TrixieBelden said...

Happy Birthday!

And thanks for doing the meme! I LOVE finding things out little things about fellow bloggers :)

jodi said...

hope you had a fabulous birthday! :o)

Anonymous said...


Chris H said...

Happy Birthday, hope your day was fantastic babe!

Living to Feel Good said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! That photo is FANTASTIC!! So freakin cool. I want a pic like that!! :D Is that top one with the sting ray you too?

Glad you had a nice dinner, and with the friend!! I remember you talking about her, glad you are still friends.

YAY Happy Birthday my friend! :)

Kim said...


Spider63 said...

Happy B-Day! did you wear those Santa hats into the water? Pretty cool photo!

Christie said...

Happy Birthday, Patty!! I love your scuba pictures.
I know how you feel sbout the estranged friend - that;'s how things are with the friend I went to Greece with. We don't talk a lot and our friendship isn't strong now but we do still care.

Best wishes.