Monday, July 30, 2007

Good weekend

I had a good weekend. Friday I went to Seattle to look at a running store (road runner) and a women's clothing store called Title Nine. They have some cute clothes for outdoor wear, running and also yoga. It kind of reminds me of REI wear if you know that store we have up here in the northwest. They also have the super Enell bra and had to get a different one for my race. I bought one off ebay but it was a little tight so got the next size up and it is good. (Their motto is 'the bounce stops here'! Not quite but it is the best bra/best support one I have ever seen.) I found a few running type shirts and surpised that I can fit into their xl size at the regular store. Maybe, I am making some progress. I didn't even attempt to try on the shorts or workout pants but I will when I drop more weight. I can't wait to wear all the cute, smaller running and workout wear. After the shopping we went to Greenlake nearby and my son had a good time at the playground there. They have a 3.3 mile loop around the lake and maybe we'll make it back up there this summer to ride around it or walk it. I used to go there when I was in my 20's and single. It is quite the place to meet people or to just be active or to take the kids swimming.

Being away at my dad's/uncle's cabin took my mind of my problems and the illness of my friends and family. I do appreciate all that I have and that I have my health. But, this doesn't help much when I see others suffering. I know we all die someday but it's hard to see it in action and watch friends and family's health start to erode. To see how tired they are, to see how the chemo affects them, to see them having aches and pains and know that is the beginning of the end. But, I know it is better to have time to say goodbye it just sucks when someone is young and hasn't had a full life. It saddens me greatly.

I did get in my workouts this weekend. I did the brick workout. That's the 2 of the 3 events for the upcoming triathalon. It's only 20 days away! Yikes! So I chose to do the 1/2 mile swim and then the 12 mile bike and to try out my workout/tri outfit and what I will wear. It went well but it is odd to be dripping wet and then have to get on your bike. I mean you towel off but you try to hurry and put on your shoes and helmet and go. I'm glad I practiced it as I realized that I forgot a few things. Like to get my sunglasses or have some tissue or whatever as I get out of the water and feeling waterlogged. I'm having problems with my goggles, they fog up so easy. I'm trying the usual scuba tricks like spit in them (yuck I know) and other remedies. And for some odd reason they don't really fog up in the pool, just the lake. Maybe the temperature? Not sure. So I will try other goggles or my no-fog liquid stuff I use for scuba. I also realized I hate my bike seat and want one that is cut for a woman to take some pressure off the ummm, ahem, personal areas and my butt. We'll see if it makes a difference on long rides. I also got my 3 mile run in on Sunday as it's getting down to crunch time to be ready for this race. I kind of do a run/walk combo and that's all I can do at this point but oh well. My family was funny as they can't believe that I'm so active lately. They look at me like I'm this alien creature but they do give me the standard 'that's great' comment. They don't seem to want to join me though. Of course my hubby would but he was busy watching our boy and swimming.

This week we are busy with swim lessons for my son and all kinds of getting ready for all the birthdays in my family this week. I'm also gearing up for school next month (college) by getting all my immunizations I will need to intern at the hospital. I feel like a pin cushion with all the needles/shots I've been getting and it isn't over yet. I know it is for my own good and everyone has to do it if they work around sick people but it seems like overkill with the shots.

I'm hoping to have a wt loss this week but ya know, having that bloating icky feeling that all us women get so we'll see. I thought really increasing my exercise to 6 days a week that the wt would be falling off....but no!! It is frustrating but I do need to log my food and will do that soon. I'm just dragging my heels on it as I don't enjoy tracking my food. I have been making pretty good choices and not eating high fat meals.

I'll get together with my ladies group on Thursday and do a movie or something in Seattle. I would rather just get in some walking or other activity but one of my friends wants to go to a chick flick. I don't get to many movies so I guess that will be alright. Seems like it will be a small get together as everyone is busy this summer with vacations and the like but that's ok.

Everyone have a great week and thanks for all the comments, it helps.


Christine said...

Your weekend sounded really busy - good for you for enjoying your friends and family.

My god daughter is almost 3 years old and is having such a hard time with her cancer right now. It does hurt my heart as well! She's only 3 fricking years old! Where's the reason in that??? - and you are entitled to have your feelings. You wouldn't be human otherwise.

Good luck with your weigh in, you deserve the loss you are looking for!

Chris H said...

Oh don't talk to me about that 'bloaty ikky' feeling mate, my monthly is now 3 weeks late!!! And NO, it aint a baby! Just menopause I suppose. Oh the joys.

celtic_girl said...

Wow, your powering on the exercise front.I actually miss mine at the moment (Did I just say that!)

I'm glad you got some down time over the weekend at your Dad's cabin.I agree with Christine, your entitled to your feelings, it makes the caring person you are.

Hope the scales reward you for all your hard work. Take care.

Anonymous said...

i love the cute work out gear available, not that i have any, just daggy shorts and tees for me!

i'm sure you'll have a good loss, making good choices are half the battle!

take care and keep up the great work for your tri!

Spidey said...

It is great to hear that you are working out. I feel very confident that you will achieve your goals. You are earning it.