Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Maintaining....that's all I can do right now

I liked this surfing smiley above cause made me think of Hawaii as my sister and her family are going to Maui tomorrow and I want so bad to be there and go surfing or try windsurfing. I'm tyring to fit in her suitcase but she ain't having it! I said 'do you have room at your condo you are renting?' and she is like 'no!' ha ha. She has saved for 2 years for this trip and her 25 yr anniversary is this fall. It is nice she is taking her boys, they are 20 and 17 and they will enjoy the water sports. If it was me I may just take my hubby! I mean we get no time to be alone and do romantic trips, ha.

Anyway for the weight things, yeah....
I weighed in this morning and am maintaining....still at 209. At first I was disappointed but then I thought back to the stressful week I had with my friends and that I was up 2 lbs over the weekend and then lost it the last 3 days as I have been working out every day since Sunday.

Oh well, moving on...I'm tired of thinking about it but I also am tired of going on vacation and then struggling to lose weight. That shouldn't be an issue now as I have no more out of town trips, just local stuff. So, there should be no excuses not to drop more poundage. I am at the end of 2 weeks of my 12 weeks challenge with about 20 ladies on the internet. It is a good challenge and as I mentioned it is divided into equal teams and running like the 'biggest loser' show. I want to contribute more to the team so hopefully that will keep me on track.

I saw this test on spark people. Try it out. It says I am an emotional eater. Ha, no surprise there! Link is at:

Part of my results said that:

emotional eater
"The main problem you face is eating when you're not hungry or eating to satisfy something other than hunger. "Food for your mood" can cause your diet to vary a great deal. Too much of your eating is driven by boredom, stress, or dejection - you might even find yourself in the kitchen, open cookie bag in hand, and not know why. Mindless and emotional eating for you can be caused by any number of reasons. It is likely you have more weight to lose than most or have grappled with weight most of your life.
A tendency for this personality type is to yo-yo on dieting and swing through "all-or-nothing" extremes (e.g., I've blown it already this meal so why not have dessert?) A few spoonfuls turn into a snack turns into a binge…especially around the high stress holidays."

Ah, yeah, about the yo yo dieting and blowing it around the holidays...that is totally me!!

And here is a spark success story:
It helps to see that people can really get to goal and gives me incentive to do it. But, what I would really like to see is if after 5 years they are still at goal and haven't gained it back. I like to see that it can be done but also that they can really change their lifestyle and change for good. That's what I want for myself.

I hope everyone is having a good week. I'm off to swim as that tri is just around the corner. I am getting nervous cause a lot of my family will come to watch and I'm more like the loner type and don't want anyone to watch. Or maybe it is fear of failing and then they will see it. I know deep down that I won't fail if I train enough and if I don't get an injury but ya know....

Take care.


Chris H said...

OH you will be fine, stop doubting yourself mate! Where there is a will there is a way and all that! Keep up the training... I look forward to hearing all about it.

Christian said...

nothing wrong with maintaining sweets! just keep up the good choices and the training and all will be good.

i did the spark people thing and found i was a fast fueler, i was surprised to be honest, thought i'd be an emotional eater AND apparently we have less weight than most to lose, ahhh got that wrong!

take care and i'm reading!

Melody said...

If my week starts to go downhill, I tend to give up, eat and then start over after the next WI. I'm glad you didn't do that. Instead, you got your butt in gear, exercised and managed to maintain at WI. Way to go!

Christine said...

Vacation is defintely a tough time - got you there for sure. And yes - I am an emotional eater as well. I fall into that exact catergory. :) You take care of yourself and just take one day at a time.

Rebecca said...

She saved 2 years she is definately deserving of this vacation!

I wanna go!!!!!

I enjoyed the emotional reading, as I am a "rescue" me type when it dcomes to food, not a hunger pains, I need food type.


christie said...

Great photos Patty. I'm sorry your time in vegas was so stressful. I know that must be a lot to deal with!!
I think it's fabulous that you had a maintain. That is a great accomplishment with a vacation - especially one so emotional.
I think you're doing wonderfully, and soon you will be under that 200 mark! I know it!