Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Had a good time in San Francisco

It was a quick trip to San Fran for the race. Here's a few pics of Alcatraz, my hubby and son and the infamous, Golden gate bridge. I didn't like the photo of me so it doesn't go up. ha! It gives me motivation to work out this week and start losing again. It was a good trip but only the weekend so we didn't get much time for site seeing but oh well. We got to see a lot of my hubby's family who live in Cali and he enjoyed that a lot. The weather was sunny and gorgeous and in the 70's so we liked that as our weather sucks here in Washington lately.
(Look at the pic of my hubby running....see the girl in the green top....she was the youngest to do the race (think age 11)....think my hubby beat her as she started the swim before him as they go out in waves/groups....but wow....this girl will be something if she keeps up these tri's!)

I just got done with my finals! Yes! I've been so stressed out and getting only 5 hours a sleep the last 4 days due to cramming for the tests and being out of town last weekend. Oh well, I'll try not to do that next time as it's too hard and I had to live on coffee lately. I've been getting those calf area cramps as too much caffeine I think!

This weekend is the graduation parties for my neice and nephew for each of my sister's kids. Should be fun. I got a chance to go up by Seattle/Lynnwood today and had a chance to meet with an old friend as I was picking up my boy from my mom. He's already done with kindergarten so we are starting on our summer vacation (mine is only 10 days, till next quarter!) but we will find some fun stuff to do like go to the zoo and do play dates.

Other than that.....I'm just beat and will take a rest on the couch if I can. (didn't happen as my boy wanted to ride bikes). Hope you all are doing well and comment, k??? Let me know if you are still out there in blogland....ha.

(Oh yeah, this is for you, Dave of blogography...though I don't think you read this blog....yeah, it's the Hard Rock that you like. We actually didn't go in there as we were meeting people at the restaurant down the way called wipeout.)


Sizzle said...

I can't wait to visit SF next month. I miss it!

Welcome home. :)

Spider63 said...

Is that your back walking into the Hard Rock?

Glad you had a good time and that your tests are over!!

angelfish24 said...

nahhhh...that's not me....if U must have a look at the fatter me...ha, I have a pic or 2 on flickr on the right. Ok, that's my motivation to get to the gym pronto!!!!

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Love all the pics Patti... I looooove visuals... Its awesome to see where other people go and live etc... makes me want to hurry up and get my blog sorted...