Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Excited to get out of town

Excited to get out of town to San Fran. this weekend. My hubby is getting really excited about his race/triathalon on Sunday by Alcatraz. I hope there are no sharks! I doubt it but you wouldn't see them coming if they were there. He's ready and fully trained that's for sure.

I'm stressing a bit as finals are Tuesday and Wednesday next week (yuck physics!) and I'm trying to pre-study as much as I can as I know I won't get much done in CA cause the inlaws and family will be there and watching the race and site seeing. But, I'll try on the plane but you know how it is if you have kids around....they want your attention but we'll see.

My last day of the quarter for clinical/interning is tomorrow so I'm happy I will have a short break from that. Can't wait till Thursday next week when all I have to worry about is keeping my son entertained as he will be out of school. Summer quarter will start soon enough on the 23rd but at least it will be a short breather. And also, it's like full time work...the interning (summer) will be 40 hours per week for 8 weeks doing xray but at least no homework that I'm aware of. That will start up again in September with the rotation of school and interning different days.

I'll try to take some photos of the city and of the race and post next week. I'll prob. take your advice and meet up with online bloggers it's just that I have so much going on right now...have graduation parties to go to and things with friends but we'll see. Have a great week!


Chris H said...

Enjoy your break chick.

Spider63 said...

Sounds like you are having a super-active life! Take a breath and enjoy it all. Life is very short, as you know. These moments with your family are like jewels in the treasure chest of our lives!!

Best wishes,


Spider63 said...

What happened to all our blogger friends? Remember all the folks that started blogging and we encouraged them and then they took their blogs private and we have never heard from them again?


At least we are always here! Helping others even if it is hard to help ourselves!!

ArleneWKW said...

Enjoy San Francisco. (I live about an hour an half away from The City, depending on traffic.) Re. meeting on-line friends, I did it once + would do it again. I saw your post on Spider's blog and also have noticed that a number of my on-line friends have not been blogging lately.

CactusFreek said...

Have fun and try to relax :o)

Fitness said...

Some bloggers are looking for status or popularity. Some are looking to become columnists and to get picked up by some website that will pay. Some are hoping to make money from the little advertisements.

All those reasons usually cause them to lose their steam after a while. Then there are the bloggers who just want to create their own little group of private blog friends and we just never see them again.

Oh well. Cie la vie!