Monday, June 16, 2008

The weekend

Thx for the comments on the last post. I know it's normal to have thoughts such as those and on to the next thing. I'm so over that today and feeling pretty good but maybe some things are better left as thoughts in my head, right? And, yeah, I pulled the post as it made me nervous....ha. Those of you that read it, read it and prob. a lot of you didn't catch it and that might be a good thing. ha.

It does wonders for my mood to be around all my family for the weekend. We had 2 graduation for my neice (from middle sister) and nephew (of my oldest sister). Ya, that's right I'm the baby of the family.

Here's some pics of the grads. My neice in pink and my nephew is the tall one in blue with the wild hair. He loves to play guitar in a rock band, ha! It is unbelievable that these kid are all grown up...and going on to college.I remember when my nephew was a baby was the year that I met my husband. Wow, how time flies.
Congratulations graduates!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week is my week off from school, so it's time for more house cleaning and then we are off to ride bikes and go to the park. I have some meetings/therapy type stuff tomorrow and then on Wednesday I think me and my boy and my mom and whoever else will go to their cabin. I need time away from this house this week as I'm bored already. Maybe my grades are out from the last quarter...but I'm pretty sure I got A's and B's.

I'm also working of a photo thing for my friend Dawn's (who passed on from cancer) daughter who will be 11. I hope she likes it...just some photos of Dawn and her daughter together and photos from the past. I called down to check on how their lives were going and I got the answering still had my friend's voice on it. It made me sad as hearing her voice cause it made me feel like she was still alive....maybe they can't bear to erase it if they don't have a recording of her voice...I couldn't blame them. I was wishing that I still had a voice mail message from her last year congratulating me on the tri race and how proud she was of me. I wish I found a way to record/keep that. Ugggghhhhh. I'm still sad about losing her but of course it gets better with each passing month.

I had a little time in my hometown growing up (which is on Whidbey Island). It really is a beautiful place up near the San Juan Islands and had some time to meet 2 old friends, one for breakfast and one for coffee. I liked seeing them both as it is far and few between that I get up that way. I had thoughts of moving up there someday after I get done with college (it's about 3 hours north of where I live) but my hubby shot down that idea. I guess it's not practical as there aren't that many jobs but who knows what the future will bring.

I'm posting a lot more this week as I have more free time I'll post about weight loss I suppose or about the online bloggers I will meet next week if all goes well. I didn't realize I might have to celebrate my sis's bday on the same day as the blogger meet up but I'll swing it somehow.

Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on having some fun and being with your family!


Spider63 said...

Me again! Hope you are feeling better. Maybe you should flirt some with hubby and get his fire going. I know the endless routine of life can make romance very stale.

Anyhow, hope everything is fine with you.