Thursday, May 29, 2008

Last weekend

Here's a few pictures from last weekend. Some from the ocean/puget sound down by the city of Tacoma. My triathalon man did some swimming and we just played around the beach. Then the one of my son going in the water is from the cabin that we go to sometimes. He said "mom, watch me do a backflip!" And this was the result. Ha ha. He's funny.

We had a good weekend even though the weather was mediocre but it wasn't too bad on Saturday. Not good enough to swim but that doesn't stop my boy, he swims in any weather. He's getting pretty good at fishing too.

Well, as usual this isn't much of a wt loss blog so I'll just keep blogging about whatever comes to mind. I'm still going to wt watchers but not losing much. I've been stressed with finals coming up soon and with my clinical intership as well and going to meetings/therapy type stuff so my head is not in the right place I think.

We are looking forward to going to CA on the 6th for my hubby's big race so we're looking forward to that. Just trying to figure out how to study for finals in the great city of San Francisco and visit with my inlaws and sister's in law. Near impossible I suppose. I'll try on the plane I guess.

A question to pose to you all.....If you had a chance to meet online bloggers, would you?? Have you ever?? I'm thinking of going to Seattle to meet a few in June but not sure. My hubby says 'isn't it best that with blogging you don't really meet the people?' I think he means that your free to share info without having to meet face to face or you're incognito. I don't know. What do ya'all think?


Sizzle said...

I suppose I am biased as I am a blogger who has met other bloggers. It was never my intention when I started but you get to "know" people on a certain level through their blogs. . .and I have yet to have a negative experience. I've actually made some great friends and meeting them in person only solidified that.

I guess it depends on what your intention is?

Either way, it'd be fun to meet you! ;)

Marshmallow said...

As a blogger who has met other bloggers, of course I'm going to say that your husband is wrong! Some of the best people I've met have been through blogging; I would hate to about what I would've been missing out if I hadn't met them.

Spider63 said...

I have often thought it would be very nice to meet other bloggers. However, it would be tough to spend too much time with them. It would be nice to meet at a convention or something where we happened to be going for mutual interests. It would be fun!

Chris H said...

I have been very fortunate to meet quite a few bloggers, and will be meeting more soon in Australia.. it is FANTASTIC to meet some of the girls/guys that one has had a 'cyber' friendship with via the blog! I have only ever had one unfortunate experience where I met one girl, she seemed so very nice in person, but later on she was downright nasty to me on my blog... I think she was just jealous of me! Silly person. So, yes I think it is neat to be able to meet other bloggers!

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

I have met two bloggers so far and I am going to meet a few more in three weeks time.. and Chris H is one of them!
I have no worries about doing this.
Just do it..what have you got to lose?

Kim said...

I've not met any other bloggers in person - but I think that if the opportunity came up I would like to. I like the idea of a blogger convention!! A great chance to mingle without any pressure!!! :)

CactusFreek said...

The holiday looks like great fun! Where did all that wood come from? It didn't just drift onto the shore did it?

I'd be happy to meet some blogging friends, but not all. I could imagine talking to some for ours, but there are a few where i would imagine conversation might be very limited.
My hubby wouldn't want me to meet Spider i think. He worries about that one lol