Friday, May 23, 2008

Feeling a sense of relief

Feeling a sense of relief as this has been a bitch of a week! Two tests, one in physics and did my speech and turned in my 7 page paper. Woooohooo! On to the 3 day weekend!!!

Gotta it's Friday and my hubby....weird as this sounds....wants me to go watch him swim in the ocean down near Tacoma waterfront!!! I said I'd watch him so he doesn't drown or get bit by sharks. ha! His triathlon in San Fran. is just 2 weeks and 2 days away. I'll try to find my camera and take a picture though the weather looks like rain, yuck.

By the way....tried the Massage Envy place I was talking about. I had a gift card from Mother's day for a massage. It was good! I called and they said Manuel will be your massage therapist. I was thinking 'maybe I need a woman'. ha! I've only had one massage in my life. I walk in and there is this tall, muscly black man who said he was from Nigeria. Yow! He was pretty good though but I thought he pressed too hard. I like the relaxation massage compared to the deep tissue that's for sure. Now I'll try not to wait 2 years before having that's how long it has been since my first one. Now I'm having fantasies of the rich life....where I could get massages weekly if not daily....workouts with a trainer....a chef in the kitchen and a cleaning person and a pool out back.....ahhhhhh, if only.

Have a great 3 day weekend if you have it off!!!! I wish our weather was nice like last weekend.


Chris H said...

I love the idea of a massage, but can never bring myself to do it... can't bear the thought of some strangers hands on me body! Now if it was Stew... THAT would be different! MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm.

Christie said...

Congrats getting through all the hard work at school this week! I hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend.

Massage Envy was the first real job I had after graduating massage school. I liked it... but I only got to do about 10 massages there, because then my back problem flared up and I haven't been able to give massages since!

A great massage therapist should ask you several times how their pressure feels to you, and encourage you to speak up if it doesn't feel just right. If they don't, that's ok - do NOT be afraid to say "can you go a little lighter there" or "ooh, that's good could you go a little deeper there".

You are paying and deserve the best experience possible. Too light and you feel like it was pointless. And when it comes to their pressure being too HARD - well, that can hurt you and leave you sore!! Speak up next time and you'll find the experience to be even better :-D

celtic_girl said...

I have a massage every two weeks, the lady comes to my house and I think it helps me with the stress.

Hope you have a great weekend

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

You definitely have to tell them what kind of pressure you want applied to you. That's one thing I learned early on with massage.

Spider63 said...

I have not had a massage in many years! Sounds like it would be fun!!