Sunday, July 20, 2008

longing for the ocean

I don't know but today....I'm longing for the ocean. Maybe it's cause I'm a pisces, maybe cause I just love the water....but I wanted to go down to the ocean and I didn't. I made the choice for the day up to my son and he wanted a play date at his friends so that's what we did.

He went up to Grandma's tonight as we've been doing every week of my intership and my hubby and I were going through Seattle and I saw Lake Union and the ocean in the distance....and still we didn't stop. It was getting late. Ah, but I will get to the ocean...maybe tomorrow after work...there is a ocean not far away...maybe I'll take a detour for my soul, ha. Something about the water makes me calm and let's me forget my troubles.

But, the good news is that I did have some fun yesterday when I met up with fellow students in my xray program and we talked shop and shared our good and bad stories of our internship. I'm glad I'm meeting some wonderful women and men in this program as we are getting close as we spend so much time together these two years in this program, or more like 3 or 4 years for the prerequisites. It's nice to commiserate and talk to others that are going thru the same things, it helps a heep.

I was reading a blog from a link of someone else's blog....think his name is Whit and he was writing about an uneasy feeling he was having and about not feeling like where he lives is home. And also, that the uneasy feeling is unhappiness. I know just what he is feeling. I feel that too....and just made me think of all the steps I need to do to get my future career/school completed and then probably a move to a new city is in order. We will stay in Washington but definitely I'm getting a strong feeling I need to move and my hubby is up for it too. We'll see what the future brings. Now, I hope the economy/house market will cooperate in a year or more. ha.

Other than that, went to "The Hulk" this weekend and it was pretty good. What I really wanted to see was the new Batman movie. Maybe we'll see it this week as I heard it was good. I spent 1/2 of Saturday using the weed eater and helping out in the yard....just made me want to move to a condo with no yard work. ha ha...... What did all of you do this weekend?? Anything fun? Hope you have a good week. I can't wait to go camping in 4 weeks and get away for a while but for now...back to grindstone of work.


Iron Fist said...

You aren't the only one missing the ocean this week. I haven't been surfing yet this year and it's driving me nuts.

Half Man said...

I don't live anywhere near an ocean, but I do live in walking distance to Lake Huron. I love the water. I have been spending a lot of time in pool water as I am training for a triathlon. I am so uncoordinated in the water, lol. Anyhow, this weekend, my daughter and I ran in a race.

celtic_girl said...

I live a little over an hour away from the ocean, and rarelt get there, I think it's the fat girl in me that's shy's away. I do love the sea though

Little Things said...

Girl get yourself to the ocean!! Even if it's for 20 mins!! Dip your toes in the water! :)

How was Edward Norton as the Hulk? I'm dying to see Dark Knight too. I'm hoping this weekend we make it.