Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the student dilemma

One of the things that has been weighing on my mind lately at my internship, which I started in January, is how people treat other people. I've felt that I've always tried to be kind to others, almost to a fault sometimes and not getting my needs met. Anyway, when I meet someone that treats others callously without too much regard for their feelings, I just don't understand it.

The problem for me as a student/intern is to stay out of the fray. To stay out of office gossip as I'm just there to learn. It has been hard sometimes. But, now over the past few months there is one lady at work that just gets under my skin. She'll be overly critical and say things like 'you need more self confidence' and you 'need to develop a thick skin'. Now she has moved on to personal things....like she just knows where to jab. Like 'you seem unhappy?' or 'don't you like yourself'? I'm thinking 'what the frick?' what is she talking about. I've always done my job and by my evaluation I am doing well and got an A- last quarter and keep my personal life separate from work. So anyway, this lady is trying to get to me and being a student I can't speak up for myself...I feel like I have to take it and take it. Now, she isn't a teacher of mine or grading me but sometimes she jumps into the mix and wants to instruct me.

So anyway, I got peeved that she is trying to dig into my personal life and I talked to another person at work on how to handle the situation or deal with said person and the person I talked to in confidence went to the supervisor on her own. This morning the supervior talked with me and said it was not ok that how this tech was treating me and to steer clear of her. And, she wants to talk to the tech about it. God, this has gotten so out of hand....I guess I couldn't keep quiet anymore as I'm stressing about this even on weekends. And, even worse, the supervisor wants to talk to my school coordinator about the situation too. Damned if you do...damned if you don't it feels like. I'm interning at this site until December and I have to survive....I mean my mental health. So in the end, I guess it will get her off my back but she prob. hates me and will talk behind my back...and that's so not what I need but it's too late now. It sooooooooooo reminds me of high school and meeting that one 2 faced bitch you know is out to hurt you. They say they are trying to help you but I don't see it that way at all. I'm usually a good judge of character and I pegged this one from the beginning.

Anyway just venting....cause I can't get into all of it. I consider myself an easy going person so for someone to get under my skin is a rare thing. Usually, it's about them....about how they were treated as a child or what? Why would she want to dig into my life. I'm trying to be like a duck....and just let water slide off my back...it usually works but it's not working now.

So I hope your week is going better than mine. At least my hubby got home safe and sound from Alaska and that is a plus. I need to concentrate on what is really important in my life. Don't sweat the small stuff.....but sometimes the small stuff really adds up.

ok....one bright note....did go to wt watchers and down -2.6. Let's see if I can keep it up.


Chris H said...

I hope the situation with this woman resolves itself and you can get on with the business of learning.. and being a duck! Nice one Patty!

Spider63 said...

You should join our Labor Day Challenge! post your first weigh in of July and then let's chart your progress up to September 1!!!

Kim said...

Congrats on the loss!!! That is awesome!!!!

I'm sorry to hear about the situation at work. That blows. :(

celtic_girl said...

Maybe it will work out better for you now it's in the open, I find people who are like that have huge personal problems themselves and they are reflecting their own issues into others.

Well done on the loss as well.

Anonymous said...

is it more in the medical industry where there is so much gossip/drama?

Cindy in Colorado