Tuesday, July 01, 2008

going to chelan and thoughts on pain

Two more days of work and then I am heading for Lake Chelan! It is in eastern Washington and is a nice spot to go and enjoy the sun and the water and just mellow out and get away from the big city.

Here's a picture of it from last year:

yes....it will be nice....I need to get away from it all....even if only for a few days!

It's been a sucky week since Sunday as I strained my back really bad. Have any of you out there done that? Think it's one of the muscles on the upper part of the sacrum/pelvis. Have you ever strained it so bad that it's tough to just get out of bed?? Yeah, that's where I found myself Sunday night. And alone...as the hubby has went to Alaska and my mom has my son. I was thinking....god, what if I just couldn't get up to go to the bathroom....I kept trying to get up and it felt like 10 knives were stabbing me in the back. I had images of me in 40 years from now and old and decrepid and in pain. God.....is this what it's like to get old. Share with me any and all back injuries and how you dealt with them. I tried ibuprofen, icyhot (lotion stuff), ice and Doan's pain pills. Nothing seemed to work but the pain pills knock you out a bit with a sleep aid in them. God, never been in this much pain since I had a baby....that was worse of course. I have a feeling that this isn't the end of my back pain as once you injure your back people tell me it just reoccurs. Oh happy, happy, joy, joy.

Well, the pain is easing up after a few days but I still can't get comfortable sitting or laying down.....argghhhh. I'll be the first woman to invent a way to sleep while standing up. ha.

On a brighter note, leave me a note and tell me what you are up to for 4th of July weekend! It should be fun.


Dave2 said...

Have a good trip through my neck of the woods. :-)

Anonymous said...

oh man what a bummer about your back!!

Thanks for stopping by my new blog!! My plans for the 4th include swimming and bbq.

Hope you have a good trip!!


PS I think my sister is crazy for driving the Vespa, but I understand why. T

Spider63 said...

I am sorry about your back, I hope that it gets better!

Yeldarb said...

That is a big bummer - I hurt my back once picking up the shampoo in the shower. :-) Back pain is one of the worst kinds of pain because you usually cant get around it for a few days.

We camped for 4 days at a local state park over the 4th. How awesome that was to get away from it all.