Monday, July 17, 2006

making progress

Weigh in was a good this week, down another 4.2 lbs. That makes ta da da, 23.4 pounds. I know funny that WW does weight increments. Im sure it helped that I was sick w/ a cold and had little appetite but I still exercised as best I could and down in portland I didn't even go out to eat. The force is stong with me lately, ha ha. So I'm hoping this motivation, or is it perseverence or patience will keep me going strong thru the end of the year and beyond. My problem time of year has been xmas and holiday and usually will result in a yo you back up. But I feel different this time; maybe I finally found the focus to ditch this fat. For my health, for my family and especially for me. My sister has joined WW too and has been on it several time like I have. I hope that she will continue the journey with me and not quit when stress hits in the fall when she goes back to teaching. I'm not getting any younger and I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and have a taste of what life could be again, more energy, feeling better about myself and more positive. I realized I'm not really starting this blog to address others, just more like a journal for me to write down some thoughts. I love looking at people's weight loss progresses though and someday I'll get some pics up here or something.


Marshmallow said...

Wow! Great to hear about your 4+ pound loss, thats FANTASTIC!

I hope too that your sister continues on WW with you, I see it as both support and accountability when you have someone who's going through the journey with you. You can't hide anything from them, but at the same time there's always someone there ho knows exactly how you feel.

I hope you're feeling better now and still don't have a cold!

All the best, and look forward to hearing more about your progress. (But of course, write your blog for YOU, not for anyone else - if readers like what they see, good for them :D)

angelfish24 said...

Hello Marshmallow:
Yeah, it's good to have my sister doing it though we are 150 plus miles apart. We keep in touch by email and see how our wt loss is going. Feeling somewhat better, getting over the cold but it did decrease my appetite! One nice side effect, ha ha. I will check out your blog here in a second.