Thursday, July 20, 2006


I was thinking lately, what it is I have to do to win this war against fat and get healthy and go for that elusive healthy BMI weight. Though I somewhat disagree w/ that chart due to them not accounting for how much muscle mass a person may have. What this journey will take is perseverance and lots of patience. I have the patience. Of course, I would like to drop all the weight fast but that's not realistic and if I were to it prob. come back twice as fast. I know, slow and steady wins the race so I'll keep plodding along. I'm doing a chart of if I lose 6, 7, or 8 lbs a month that I should get to goal next summer. I also need to concentrate on getting healthy and being able to assist in lifting patients in the career I'm changing to. I need to be strong for that and for my family. It's sad when a 4 yr. old can outrun me! It's getting better though, with just almost 8 wks of exercise I have a lot more stamina and energy so it should just get better and better. My hubby has be going out on longer bike rides and we did 16 mi. the other day. I'm a slow rider but I'm going for endurance and longer rides. Maybe some of my super fitness hubby's exercise regimen is rubbing off on me and I am actually liking the effects of exercise. Mind you, I don't always enjoy the pain or is it exhaustion and pushing myself to do more but it seems to speed up the weight loss on the weeks I do push it. I'm should get to the first WW goal of losing 10% by next week so that will be good and trying to only look at losing in 5 lb to 10 lbs increments to not cause me to be discouraged by the big picture and how much I really have to lose. My hubby says he wants to throw out our scale when I complain it goes up one day and down the next even though by diet is on track. I'll keep it around to keep myself in check.

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