Tuesday, July 25, 2006

long obedience in the same direction

I'm sitting here trying to keep in mind the quote my WW leader has been quoting to us. "Long obedience in the same direction", meaning stick with the program, eat in your pts range, exercise and keep on doing it in tough times and in good times. It's tough though. After seeing a 4 lb. loss last week this week with eating less, I've gained .2lbs. I'm trying not to sweat it and just keep plugging along and have patience! But I'm feeling pissed that I do all the right things, journal my food, exercise 4 plus times a weeks and no loss! I get that feeling, what's the use, I bypassed all the pizza, fat good, desserts, mocha drinks and stayed the course and didn't get rewarded. Whaaaahhh! Ok, quit feeling sorry for myself, dust myself off and keep going. Maybe it's just the first of many plateaus I will exerperience. Quitting is not a option this time, keep on going to WW till I die is the mantra in my class! I know what quitting will entail which I've done many times in the last 15 years. It will mean a yo yo back up in wt and I will lose all the progress I've made. Not gonna do it!! I would love to have this wt just fall off but the reality is it's darn hard work and averageing 1-2 lbs a week is what will happen so I'll deal with it!! Really thinking of upping the exercise and starting running but it's hard on these old bones but know it might speed up the progress. Good luck to everyone on this same journey out there.

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Marshmallow said...

Hey angelfish24,

I know how frustrating it feels to see a huge loss one week and then to behave exactly the same way the next week only to see a gain! ARGGGHH!

But look at it this way.

You lost 4lbs last week, and gained 0.2lbs this week. Thats a 3.8lb loss in two weeks, which averages out to 1.9lb loss per week. 1-2lbs per week is safe, so you're going along extremely well and in a way that will not be harmful to your body in the long run.

Good luck if you do start running! I'm 21 and I find running difficult, so what I do is alternate 5 minutes of running with 5 minutes of walking when I'm on the treadmill. I used to alternate 5 minutes of walking with 30 second of running, so being able to do 5 minutes now is a MASSIVE indicator of how much fitter and healthier I have become.

All the best to you! Looking forward to hearing about yout progress soon :)