Tuesday, August 01, 2006

10% body wt lost

Down another pound, to make that a loss of 24. I'm feeling good that the scale is moving downward again and that I'm not a plateau as feared. I go to wt. watchers and was feeling pretty good yesterday but then at the meeting things changed a little. It was about meeting our ww team, meaning the other members in the meeting. The leader asked us to answer some questions she'd typed out. Mine was "what mileposts have you reached". So when it was my turn to talk, I said making the 10% loss and also being able to exercise for an hour (used to be 15 min) and feeling healthier. Thought she wouldn't say anything and on to the next person. But no, she came down hard on me and singled me out. Saying "you know how many people make the 10% loss their 1st milepost, and they shouldn't". She wanted to know if I appreciate the small losses like 5 lbs. markers and I said I usually make my mini goals the big things, such as 10%, 25 lbs., get under 200, the 50 lbs mark, etc. And she seemed to chastize me and say to appreciate the smaller losses. I guess she was saying it to benefit everyone, that small losses are also good. But damn, my mood took the path straight to being bummed out. I went to the gym and just kept thinking about it. I guess it's because she commented for so long and I felt like a student in class, and her saying "wrong answer, you dummy!!!" Damn it, whatever are my goals and my motivation is what is working for me end of story! I guess if it bums me out this much I should talk to her about it next week. I am majorally pmsing and that makes me emotional anyway. It's funny, I'm really a calm type of person and it's really hard to ruffle my feathers and usually things slide right of my back but I'm feeling peeved. Let it go, let it go... It just is funny that they (WW) are the ones that have you aiming for losing the 10%, they put it right on your week 1 after your weight in that your have to lose so and so pounds to make your 10% and then she critizes me when I make it my first mini goal!! the gall, the horror. God, I need to get a life and quit talking about this so bye bye.


Marshmallow said...

Wow angelfish24 - losing 10% of your body weight is such a fantastic achievement, its no wonder that you're feeling pissed off after being spoken to that way by the WW leader.

Ignore! You deserve to be happy, and she's just a silly silly lady :D

angelfish24 said...

Thanks, marshmallow. I know I'm doing an ok job w/ the wt thing. She's a in your face kind of leader and sometimes I think she's great and funny and other times I dislike her w/ a passion. Ha, I can always switch days/leaders. Thanks for reading.