Tuesday, August 08, 2006

silly magnets, and milestones

Things are going well on the wt loss front, down another -3.6 so that makes 27. I'm happy with the progress so far but confused that when I work really hard and stick to ww program and exercise like crazy, then it's a small loss and on the weeks when I slow down a but or eat a little more, I have the big losses. I don't care how it comes off just as long as it does. Finally got the silly 25lb magnet that ww gives out. Why do we want these funny magnets, and stickers that say "5 lbs lost or 25 lbs lost"? I guess cause it shows our progress in concrete terms. So I guess I should dig out those awards from the bottom of my purse and put them in my journal or somewhere I can look at when I hit a rough patch in this journey. I'm worried about this next week as we're going to disneyland and I know they are not known for their healthy food. I will do the best I can and of course, walk a lot. I'm looking forward to going and it will be my son's first trip (he's going to be 5 soon), but I have my finals next week in my anatomy/pysiology class so that will be hanging over my head. Oh my god, it's my 15 yr anniversay tomorrow and what are we doing to celebrate....nada...cause of night school! We will go out a different night. Wish it was a hawaii trip instead of disneyland. Maybe in the future. Hope everyone out there is doing well on their weight loss journeys this week.


FatMom said...

Hey, AngelFish! Good to "meet" you! Congrats on the big losses! 24 pounds is incredible! Good for you!!! Disneyland sounds fun! We live in No. CA, and have never gone! (shame, shame!) My kids are now 9 and 11...I guess they'd still like it! Enjoy!

iportion said...

Can you email Disneyland or check their site and just see tpes of foos they serve to compare point wise?

angelfish24 said...

Hi fatmom and iportion. Nice to meet you. Yeah, I will check out disney site for food. I'll just eat in moderation and hopefully stay the same wt at least this week. Thanks for visiting.