Tuesday, August 15, 2006

still losing a little and thoughts about points system

I decided to bite the bullet and weigh in a day late at ww due to being out of town. After the disney vacation....da da da, down only .4. But a loss is a loss and was striving to maintain this week as I wanted to eat off program a little and not figure all my points all weekend. I get so tired of counting points! Maybe soon I will switch to the core program which is basically eating healthy foods and limited some high starch carbs and breads. It might be difficult to fit it into eating out once in a while as certain foods are off limits. I kinda don't like that some foods are off limits cause that just makes me want them more. The points system at least lets you eat anything as long as you figure out how many pts/cals/fat grams/fiber is in it but of course you severely limit your portions. I guess on the core you can go hog wild on veggies and meat and get to eat more healthy stuff. The wt loss is still happening so I'll continue on w/ counting my little points. Sometimes, I can't imagine doing this for a year, I mean the pts thing but it's getting second nature as I tend to eat some things over and over. Ok, wt loss total is 28 now so feeling good and actually needing to go down a size in pants to a 18. I'm getting called baggy pants lately but haven't wanted to go shopping lately with like 6 birthdays in my family this month. Ok, need to stop procrastinating and web surfing and get to studying for my final in physiology tomorrow night. It gets so dang boring though!


FatMom said...

You're so right, Angel! A loss IS a loss! You're doing so great...28 pounds! Wowie! Soon, if you turn sideways and stick out your tongue, you'll look like a zipper! Awesome job! :)

Kimberly said...

Hey there, I'm Kimberly. It sounds like you're doing really well. I can't wait until I get to go down a pant size, that's awesome.

I feel the same way about counting calories. I'm on a two year plan (I have a lot to lose :) and sometimes I think "how will I ever do this for two years?!"

Anyway, good luck and good work :)

angelfish24 said...

Hi Fatmom and Kimberly,
Thanks for the comments. I know this will be a long journey and a lifestyle change but it's taking some getting used to. Funny, but it's not second nature yet. I still have to the dialogue in my mind about eat that/don't eat that, get to the gym/don't get to the gym but usually my new fitter persona wins out. You guys are doing great too. We can do this!