Thursday, August 24, 2006

getting over negative thinking and neg comments

Feeling like crap today, got a chest cold or something. I tried to work it off by working out all week but it's not working. My bio teacher was saying something about that it would make sense to keep working out due to getting your lymph system drainage going or some other stuff like that but sometimes you just gotta slow down! I think since I've joined the ymca 3 mo. ago I have been sick like 3 times! Must be a lot of germs there, so gotta remember to be careful and clean with the towels and spray first! Pain in the b*tt. Whose working out when their real sick anyway? HHHmmmppphhh! I wanted to try yoga tonight or go swimming but i'm not going as I don't want to pass this bug along. Just a note about negative comments from others. I have enough neg. comments in my head! One was just a negative about my sister thinking she can't continue this ww journey with me or maybe just her fear that she will quit as always. She says stress does her in when teaching begins in the next week or so. That was her same comments until school was out in June so I'm thinking this is an all year thing. I know their just excuses and failing to plan and do other things w/ stress than eating but we'll see if she folds this time. I really want her on this journey cause her health is being affected, from serious varicose veins, to problems w/ her feet, etc. I really hope she's ready to do it. Another comment was from my close friend from childhood, when I was talking about wanting to lose weight a few months ago. She said 'you may always be overweight'. Ok, could be true but I'm not buying into that mentality. I still have hope that this can be beaten or at least managed. I'm not going to be one of the those old ladies who can hardly walk due to weight issues. no way!!! Maybe this comments actually partially fueled me into doing something about my wt for once and for all. Or maybe it's that I've tried to lose wt several times and didn't get past 20 usually and best feat was 35 lbs. I hope to break thru that 35lbs barrier and create new milestones. Hope everyone is doing well on their individual journeys!


christie said...


Thanks for stopping by my site and offering support. I hope to do the same for you!! I shouldn't think you need to worry about losing more than 35 lbs, when you have lost 30 as of now. If you want I'll be here egging you on to make sure of it!!!!! :)

If I can do it you can do it and if you can do it I can do it... right???? Right!!!

FatMom said...

Hi, Angel! Nice post! :) There's always going to be negative comments from people who like to feel superior to us chubs. They feel threatened when/if we lose weight. Don't let it ruffle your feathers! RE: getting sick from the gym...people are most able to pass along sickie germs BEFORE they realize they're going to get sick, so...use that hand sanitizer!! Gooo, Angel!

angelfish24 said...

Hi Christie and fatmom,
Yeah, we can kick this fat to the curb once and for all and tell it never to come back! It's great your doing something at your young age Christie, I once was thin but married 15 years and it has steadily gone up 5-10 lbs. a year and yikes! And Fatmom, my hubby doesn't buy my conspiracy theory that I get sick at the gym. But this is the first summer I've been going to the Y and the first summer I've gotten so many colds or chest colds. Talk to ya later.

skinnyminny8 said...

can I borrow your negative comment??

The "you may always be fat."

You know, there is nothing I like more than a challenge and showing people that they are wrong and have underestimated me... Don't believe them.. Ok.. u may never be a size 0 ( and lets be honest.. who would want to be that skinny) but being slim is possible for everyone..

You go show them.. and I shall too!!


angelfish24 said...

Yeah, skinnyminny, we'll show them who can lose weight and prove those naysayers wrong! I know ultimately, I can't do this for others and only for me but I hate the negative thinking. Even if they think U can't do it, please don't say it right?