Tuesday, August 15, 2006

ahhhh the dreaded vacation

Just got back from Disneyland and California adventure. Went with the whole gang of 14 family members, 2 sisters and all their families and mom and dad. Think my son enjoyed it the most as he's the youngest. Unfortunately, haven't weighed in a ww as I missed my monday meeting due to being in CA but I think I'll try to get to meeting today. Did eat some bad stuff but in moderation. I wanted that chi chi and a bite of those chili cheese fries and that bread bowl gumbo at disney/new orleans. (not good by the way) and that breakfast buffet with eggs benedict! We walked a lot though so it looks like I didn't gain any so that will be a plus or even if I stay the same it will be good. My strategy was to exercise and eat good last week before the vacation to even it out. I'm back on the program today and hope to have larger losses soon. I had to come back a day early to take my final in the anatamy/phys class so that was a bummer but what can you do. Like I could tell my teacher, 'please reschedule the final as I'm out of town that day'. I wish. Hope everyone out there is doing well in this healthy lifestyle change.

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