Sunday, July 16, 2006


Just got back from picking up the hubby. He did a 240 mile, one day bike ride from Seattle to Portland. I drove down to pick him up and was watching all the cylers come in and people waiting for them and was thinking, could I ever do this someday? My hubby is turning into an athlete it seems. First this and always commuting to work on his bike. Next week is a 1/2 ironman triathalon. He seems to think next year it could be him and I doing these events together. I say, that's not my dream right now. I want to get off at least 76 more pounds or more, that's my focus. I haven entertained the idea of doing the danksin women's mini tri next summer. It would be 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike and 3 mile run, I believe. I can do the swim and bike now but I suck at running and have never really liked it. I tried running 1/4 of the laps on my 2 mile walk and the next day I could hardly walk! Think it's too much lugging this wt around the track, so back to fast walking for me for now. I can see why hubby likes it, it is a good physical and mental challenge but now by energies are focused on taking care of my son, I've been back to college for a career change the past 2 years and 2 plus more to go and now the weight loss journey or as I call it the war against fat. Who knows, maybe a former couch potato can turn into a mini athlete. It's just all the time it takes!! Well, weigh in tomorrow at WW and I've been careful w/ my eating this week and haven't went out to eat once so it should go fine. Now if I can just quit thinking about burgers and pizza.....ahhhhh the battle never ends.

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