Wednesday, April 11, 2007

sickness in the house

I want to do my scuba post but it will have to wait a few days, as I need to get some photos on disc at the store. And I need to think about what to write about as I have a lot of scuba stories. But need to think about what would be interesting to you out there in blogland. The big issue (with not getting anything done lately) is that we are holed up in the house, my son and I, as he has been sick with a bad chest cold these past few days. It sucks as you always worry when they have a fever and are coughing all night and can't get any rest. We had some medicine but my son hates it so we are toughing it out. Every year since he was little we've had the yucky croup which is a nightmare but now that he's older it's just all the colds he catches from school or wherever.

We did have a good Easter up at my mom's with a lot of family. Then the kids went on the easter egg hunt but in our family it has turned into and money egg hunt. There is some token candy in the plastic eggs but mostly quarters and dollars. All the kids get to participate even if they are in high school. I like that they can get some money to spend or save but it's gotten to "who has got the most money?" and gotten a little out of hand. One year, we had an egg hunt for the adults. Now, that was funny! People get pretty competitive.

So, not much else to say today, but I am getting cabin fever bad! I haven't been working out due to not getting to the gym and not wanting to spend time away from my son right now. Maybe I'll get a walk in when the hubby gets home but the weather sucks....rain again!!! Ok, where's my positive attitute.....Ok, there it is. Life is what you make it so I need to work on my outlook. Thank god for the computer as an outlet. Ha.
Hope everyone is having a good week!


Chris H said...

Ummmm, so it's raining... you can walk in the rain ya know? It doesn't actually HURT you, I do it all the time.... that's what an umbrella is for. Oh dear, I'm being cheeky! But really, if you want to go walking, don't let a little rain put you off, it keeps you cool, and you can have a lovely shower or bath when ya get home.... and feel great for having got the exercise. Only my 2 cents worth anyway!

Chris H said...

YES, I really do love walking in the rain! I kid you not, I'm the twit walking along in the pouring rain with the stupid smile on me face! It's FUN ! As long as your pants don't get so wet your thighs rub together that is!

Kim said...

I hope that everyone is feeling better soon! :( Being sick and cabin fever = NO FUN!!! I hope that you are out and about soon!! :)

TrixieBelden said...

You are a trooper! What a rough week for you and your son. I hope you got to take that walk - rain or shine :)

Spider63 said...

I am sorry to hear about your chest cold. I hope you post the scuba stories when you can, and just post your favorite ones. Post as many as you like, I find them interesting, and I think most people are fascinated by the sea, scuba diving, and underwater adventures.

Keep thinking positive and shining the light from your heart!!

christie said...

Yucky, I'm sorry he's sick. I've been sick too and it has been... NOT FUN!! lol.
Sorry I've been so MIA... so much going on and don't have internet at my apartment yet either.
Finally managed to post something though.

Love ya Patty

Lily T said...

A walk would be good. It's tough staying indoors all the time.

Personally, I do workout DVDs when I'm stuck at home.

celtic_girl said...

I hope you are all feeling better