Sunday, April 29, 2007

emotional eating

When you overeat, why do you overeat? I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Some have said you just love food. Yeah, I enjoy it but when I think about it, sometimes when I've overeaten I haven't enjoyed food. I felt like I was trying to fill some void in myself. Usually it is brought about by stress, but also can be boredom, thinking negatively about myself, loneliness or even happiness and being out with friends. Usually, it was fast food or sweets or pizza or pasta. So, yeah, I think I definitely am an emotional eater. Are you an emotional eater? Do you think about why you are overeating when you do or in the past? Is it your drug of choice? I don't booze or do drugs, though I suppose when I was younger we did drink some but it is a rare occasion these days. I've read books on this subject but it's really hard to get a handle on what will cure this, if there is a cure. Probably more like managing it and balance it with periods of eating healthy. I tried to think back to when I was totally in the zone and losing good and how I conquered my food demons then. Exercise played a big key in that. It got my head on right and it calmed me down if I was feeling stress. Also, reaching out to people instead reaching for food helps too. When I was young, I didn't have this struggle with food so don't know why now. More responsibilties, more unfullfilled dreams, life not going the way as planned or really wanted? What do you do when you are totally craving something but want to stay on plan? When you know it's not hunger that's calling?

I came across an article by Frances Kuffel who is the author of Passing for Thin: Losing Half My Weight and Finding My Self, web site is Article is at:
I haven't read her book but this article is kind of interesting about her struggle with eating and body image. But it is long!!

I am doing ok on living healthy this week. I got in exercise Wed, Thurs and Friday and will try for some walking today. But, my son has the flu and is getting sick all the time so it is not a pleasant morning so we'll see.

Felt like a new photo at the top. This is a pic of my and my hubby when we lived in Hawaii, way back in '93 or '95. Yeah, we lived there twice! It's a little fuzzy but that's what the scanner does. Not my favorite photo of me but I love the flowers! We went up to Kula, maui, it's up on the way to Haleakala mountain. Very pretty up there and lush green grass and a little cooler. There is an artist studio, called Curtis Wilson Cost at , that is there that my husband loved. Check out his pics, I'm not adverstising for him but though you might want to see what I'm talking about. We ended up not buying a print just some post card types as it is pricey. Now, I wish we had one. They also have a lot of tropical flower type farms and a winery up there. I have some photos of the area if I can find them sometime. It's making me want to Hawaii bad!!! Not to live, just to visit, especially right now, I need some sun and fun! Think I'll keep changing my pics to keep things fresh.

Hope everyone is having a good day!


daisyk said...

Hi, angelfish --

I wouldn't ordinarily tout myself by saying, "you should read my blog..."


I recnetly had an email asking if I think food is an addiction & a beatable addiction. I answered, for myself only, on my blog:

I write you this only to say it has some hard science in it that you might find interesting in your consideration of eating when it's to fill a void.

Thanks for the nice words re. PT. Great job with your plan for living!

Frances Kuffel

Chris H said...

I've got a cold and feel miserable, and luckily for me, that is not a trigger to overeat or binge! Just the oppsite in fact. I overeat when I stressed out or bored, pure and simple! And I also find if I eat just one thing I shouldn't, I go "in for a penny, in for a pound" and just continue to eat. so, it's good knowing what our triggers are... and trying to avoid them... though in saying that, how do you avoid stress in your life? I can almost keep boredom at bay... lots of gym and housework, shopping (yeah!), etc etc. Well anyway, hope you have a great day, when ya get outta bed that is!

Megan said...

Great questions about emotional eating. So good that I need to sit back and reflect on these myself. Thanks for making me think!

Lily T said...

I totally emotional eat! I read somewhere that when we experience an extreme emotion, our bodies will try to balance it selves out by utilizing a behavior, which we have learned, gives us comfort. Unfortunately, a lot of people learn that food is a good quick fix. The trick is to find other things that comfort you and learn to use them instead of food. What I have discovered with myself is that I tend to have cravings late afternoon to early evening, so I try to make it a point to unwind when I return home. That seems to work okay.

Terri said...

The picture is awesome and the flowers are beautiful! I personally thought you design your web site purposely like this. It is a nice touch.