Sunday, October 28, 2007

How was your weekend

How was everyone's weekend? Mine is going pretty well. Went bowling Friday night with some friends up in Seattle. It's been a long time since I bowled and I was lucky to hit 100. Most of use weren't too good except for one of my friend's husband. We then went to a friends house nearby and checked out her condo all decked out for Halloween and had some appetizers. I refrained from the drinking as I was driving but I would have liked to but I did have a beer at the bowling alley. My friend makes a mean martini and I would have like to try it but it wasn't that important. It was good to see all the ladies show up (we have a group of 6) and this is the first time in a long time that everyone made it. My hubby was the only spouse/boyfriend that didn't go so I wasn't that happy about that but I wasn't going to force him. Ha, next time I will. It's usually the ladies only but once in a while we invite the husband/or boyfriends. It was also nice to share some sad times with them and some laughs too. It did me a world of good.

Saturday was spent studying and getting my hair it cut and some more blond in there so I guess I'm happy with it though it seems too short as I got quite a few inches off. Now I'm playing with my boy and we will go do something outside or go somewhere soon as the husband is having some time with one of his friends. I also have 4 tests to study for this week. It's the dreaded mid terms! I am just about ready for the one tomorrow but Wednesday's test is going to be a nightmare as it's a lot of new things about radiology and all the stuff we have been learning since the 1st day of class. I'm trying to get the time in studying but I have to spend some time with family too, so it's hard to find that balance.

I also have one more medical test this week, that echo test on the heart at the cardiac center. I hope it will be a quick test and then hopefully I'm done with going to doctors for now. I'm feeling pretty good but, of course, I need to clean up my diet and get the cholesterol down a little and keep tabs on my blood pressure as it seemed to be up a little each time I check it. We got to practice in our lab with stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs and of course on the automatic pressure machine my pressure was the highest of our group of eight. Hated that and I just relaxed and took it later and it was lower. I think I get nervous when they put that cuff on or something, it's weird. I know I definitely do that at the doctor's, get the 'white coat syndrome' and the pressure shoots up. Maybe I don't want to hear bad news? I don't know it's strange.

Other news, I did do that letter to my friend the one I have been talking about. So that was good to get it done. I tried to be as honest as I could and I'm not sure how she will take it. But at least it's done with and somewhat out of my mind.

We are going to take our son out trick or treating this week with some friends and I just have to survive the testing week. I'm nervous for the lab mid term on Friday too as you get to pick a card at random and that's the xray's you take. So, I gotta know my stuff and how to use the xray equipment and how to line up/center patients and all the other things I need to know. The pressure is on, that's for sure. I find myself counting down the days till the Thanksgiving break in November.

Tell me all what you have done this weekend or looking forward to. Are you dressing up for Halloween? Maybe I'll get a witch hat or something as I'm tired of being the kitty cat. My son will be Spiderman and my hubby is going to be a white trash, buck toothed hillbilly I guess. He has these goofy glasses and big teeth and a mullet hair cut wig with the short hair in front and the long hair in back. I thought that he looked a tiny bit like 'Joe Dirt' if you've see that movie. I guess he's going to wear it to work, I hope other people dress up as last year he was about the only one.

There is a bright, bright spot on the distant horizon. My parents will have their 50th wedding anniversary next fall and we asked if they wanted a party but she says 'let's go on a cruise'! So it looks like the southern caribbean for December 08 xmas with sisters, parents, kids, spouses. Oh yeah, that's something that I will really like doing as never cruised on a boat that size. Now, I'm dreaming of scuba diving in the warm island waters. Ahhhh.... I wish it was this year but it will be nice to be with all my family. I was kind of hoping for land based vacation but this will fun to see what a cruise is like.

I was trying to re-arrange the top of my blog. Can you put more than one picture up on your blog on the top header thing? I guess I need to do some research, I'm not too good on the layout/design thing. I notice a lot of you change the look of your blog from time to time. That picture above is when we lived on Maui and that is my hubby walking toward the water, we were looking for a place to sit and this was our beach near our apartment in Kihei. I remember just going and laying in the sun and going swimming and snorkeling would just lift your spirits. There is no bad day at the beach. Wish I was there now!!

I almost wanted to go up to a Seattle bloggers meet and greet today to meet the infamous Dave from and others. He has a cool blog and like how he rants at the world and his sense of humor and especially all his travel reports. But, I'm not really in the popular bloggers group and life is just too darn busy these days so I will vicariously live through reading about other bloggers meeting each other. Wouldn't it be cool for all of us to meet? Ha, I know it darn well impossible as some of you are 1/2 the world away. Oh well.

Hope you are all well out there in blogland. Stop by and say hi, I like to hear from you.


teebopop said...

I got my flu and pneumonia booster shots Friday. They don't make me sick or anything but having them made my fibro flare a bit for the weekend.

It rained here all weekend up to noon today. A LOT of rain. But we needed it.

You'll do fine on your tests. Deep breathe slowly before you start. That will relax you.

We don't decorate for Halloween here. This is a "No Trick or Treaters" gated community. I'm glad. Keeps the candy out of my cupboard!

Good luck next week. On everything.

CactusFreek said...

It would be cool if we all could meet, at some big cruise ship party or something :o)

Anonymous said...

you sound so busy... i dont think i've ever asked but are you studying to be a Dr?? it all sounds so overwhelming, better you than me!

glad you got your letter done to your friend, hopefully she will start to see that she needs to respect you for you and not your weight or the food you eat... all sounds very basic when you put it like that.

Halloween isn't something we really celebrate over here, although i'd love to take the boys trick or treating, nobody here would really have anything to give!

take care

Marshmallow said...

I think the only way to do the multiple pictures in the header thing is to get into the HTML and change the code. I wouldn't recommend that if you didn't know what you were doing. Though if you want to grant me admin access to your blog, I'd be happy to do that for you.

Good luck with all of those tests! It'll feel amazing once it's all over (and anything you eat tastes WAY better after the tests are over. Once I had nine of them all in a row, and then my piano exam on top of that!)

And I ain't looking forward to Halloween - I don't care for it. I'm going to be putting an 'anti-halloween house' sign on my door (if I remember) to try and keep them kids away. *hiss*

Iron-Man said...

Sounds like you had fun. I enjoy bowling, but I have not gone in about six months.

Christie said...

Hey hun! I'm glad you got to have some fun over the weekend, you deserve it. I was working but I will get to play this weekend!
We have a halloween party Saturday night that I am really looking forward to.

Half Man said...

You have a lot going on. Glad you are doing well. I had a great weekend. My daughter and I ran a race. Check out may latest post if you want more info. I usually dress up as a chubby Clint Eastwood or in a medievel peasant shirt. The kiddos are wearing beatiful costume my wife made.

Christine said...

Happy Hallowe'en to you!
Great to hear from you.
As far as the pictures on top of your blog - I am not familuar with this layout in blogger - I am using the other version.

You take care!

TrixieBelden said...

I just stopped by to see if you were back and you are! Sounds like you had a great/busy weekend. I hope mid-terms are going well for you. I had a friend who did school, worked and had a husband and two kids. I don't know how she did it. And I don't know how you do it - you're amazing, that's how :)