Friday, November 02, 2007

Too much candy!

My son and his friend had a good time trick or treating and the only bad thing is there is too much candy in the house!! Here's a picture of him as (muscle) spiderman and his friend as super girl and also a picture of a scary monsters' head. These people who had the monster really did it up and had those life sized wax people whose eyes follow you and talk to you. Their house was the best on the block in our friend's neighborhood. My friends made up mummy dogs (hot dogs in rolls) and scary deviled eggs and cupcakes and the kids enjoyed that. So did I as I love those deviled eggs. ha. But the bad things is her grandma made chili and you don't want my husband and chili to get together, not a pretty site, ha! We didn't end up staying out too late cause of the school night but those kids found a way to get tons of candy anyway. Now, we are trying to limit how much of it we eat but it is everywhere. Oh well.

My mid terms are going well but I have a nasty weekend ahead of me of studying in the library and at home. I have to take a break to go to a birthday party tomorrow night for my son's friend and all the mom's get together to talk. Also, I have to find time for my family, we will go out to eat tonight or something. It's so damn hard this week to get enough time for everyone, especially this week it's crazy or I'm going crazy I think. I'm not getting enought sleep but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Also, I haven't stopped hearing the 'Margaritaville' song yet. (Like I talked about a few posts back). I heard it when I clicked on a web site and when I went to Taco Time, like 5 seconds after I got in there here comes the song again. And also, on the radio too. It's way past coincidence and driving me a little bonkers, ha. It was always a good song though and I think it's proof that Dawn is in heaven looking down. Ha, close enough to proof for me as it's always nice to imagine that there is a heaven and that we will go there after we pass over even though we don't have the physical proof.

Not much else happening besides the studying but I just got back from my son's school as I was helping out a project we are all doing called 'Operation Christmas or Samaritan Purse'. It is a really good cause and we buy gifts/toy for kids and put them in a shoe box and wrap them and they will go around the world other countries and kids will have a gift for Christmas and of course they will learn a bit about God in the process. I can't imagine a child getting their first gift ever as some of these kids have nothing.

My mom is off to Morrocco tomorrow and I wish her a safe trip. I always worry these days when she goes over near the middle east but I guess this is north africa. She was talking about not worrying of gypsies (stole her stuff last time) but she is a little worried of terrorists. I'm like 'why go then?' and then she says, 'no, I'm not worried'. I hope she has a good time and she loves her traveling; we couldn't stop her if we tried.

Tell me how life is treating you! Now I'll go try to clean house for a second, it looks like a bomb went off in here and I don't have the time I used to have to clean and it sucks. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Think of me slaving away in the libary and wish me luck on the mammoth 2 tests on Monday. I'm a little worried but somehow I usually pull it off and do well. Must be the last minute cramming I do. ha.


Kim said...

Aw - your superhero spiderman is adorable!! :)

Chris H said...

OOOO good luck with your tests chick! I have had a wonderful weekend, slaving away doing housework and baking!! Looks like we sold our house too!

Tully said...

Your little boy is such a cutie. He is just too adorable for words!

That stuff about the song you keep hearing is so strange, but I believe in all that stuff. It must be nice to feel a sense of peace when you hear it.

Good luck with the study. :-)

Meow Meow said...

Great pics! Your son is a cutie! I am not much of a chili fan either!
It gives me gawd awful heartburn! UGHHHHHH

Hope your mom is safe in her travels. Maybe she will bring you back some goodies!! ????

celtic_girl said...

I hope your tests went well on Monday.Life for me is hectic as well, not enough hours in the day.

I went and say a medium the other day, it was a group things about 200 people there, ans she mentioned that the spirits let us know they are there by doing something which is meaningful to the other person, like playing a favourite song etc.

Iron-Man said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Hope you can post some photos of Morocco and your Mom when she gets back!