Thursday, March 20, 2008

the money dilemma

Wow, 2 posts in a week! Can you tell I'm done with my finals. The problem is that I can't sleep. I was going on 5-6 hours a sleep at most and now I can't sleep even though I have a little extra time! By the way, finals went fine...prob. mostly b's but that's ok with me. Ended up with one A- in one of the classes and just waiting to hear on the others next week.

Now, what's stressing me out is my money problems. How to pay off debt? How to pay for college for the next year or more? So...I guess the answer is search for a part time job. I don't know if I can handle it but there are some weekend jobs. Maybe I'll try and see if I can hack it along with school and interning cause with no money, it sucks! I also can apply for financial aid thru the school so looking at that. I don't want to get into more debt if I can help it. And short of selling the house or car I guess I need to work. What good would it do me to get out of debt but have no place to live that's good? I don't know. Things are going round and round in my mind. Like how I can't seem to get it together where money is concerned. It prob. has something to do with me not working. ha. One salary just doesn't cut it.

Share with me your money woes if you have them. Not a good thing to have when you aren't so young anymore. What about fricken retirement! I'm screwed. I know, when I finish this program and work full time I'll have some money to sock away, hopefully. Meanwhile, it's important to finish this school and care for my son. I just wish this school wasn't so much like a full time job!!
I got a break from interning this week and next and back at it on th 31st. I have plans to clean the house, clean my son's room and organize and visit a sick friend who is recovering from heart surgery. I cannot lose another friend now...I can't. I think she is doing well but she's always had problems with her heart. I used to work with her when I worked at the school district and I think she had something like a stint or other put in to repair her weaking aorta. I called her to check on her and she told me that she was in a coma in the hospital prior! Oh my god, that is so scary. We've haven't seen each other that much since we stopped working together but this lady is such a sweet gal. I'm gonna bring her lunch and catch up. I don't think she's up to going out to lunch even though it's been while since the hospital in January. This kind of thing takes a long time to get back to where she was health wise.

Anyway, I'm just rambling and thanks for listening.....sometimes it's weird to share personal details with blogland but it helps and thanks for your comments.

Hey, I'm going to the gym today! Wooooohoooo! some free time is awesome. Too bad I'm so out of shape again but I will try walking the indoor track and some weights or elliptical. Check on you all soon.

Update! Went to the gym and feeling good! I'll write an fitness post this week about my goals.


FatMom said...

Hey, AngelFish! Money is rough, and yes, I can relate...I'm almost 38 years old and money still stinks! I have no retirement. No 401K. No college fund for the youngsters. We don't even own a house! Our problem is that we spend money on stupid little things that add up...$50 at Target, $40 for pizza for the family, a $3 smoothie, $10 at Home Depot...and the next thing you know, POOF! it's all gone...So sad...I'm thinking I may need to return to school so that I can work full time so that we CAN retire someday...but I doubt we'll be able to actually "retire." We'll keep working until we physically can't anymore and then we'll have to live in a substandard nursing home where we'll wallow in bed sores and tomato soup. BLAH! Wow, that was depressing! Sorry!!! What are you going to school for??

Tully said...

Congrats on the B's and A- you should be so proud of yourself.

I know what you mean about money stress. I always thought it would some how just come together when I grew up, but it seems like that isn't going to happen and I need a plan to sort myself out.

Good work on getting to the gym.

Have a lovely Easter break. :-)

Christie said...

I wish I had something to offer when it comes to money. We have been struggling with Ian out of work for so long and this new job not cutting it yet, and of course I just quit (but am going to hopefully bring in more than I was when working).
If it wasn't for my inheritance, we both would have been screwed, probably sold the house and living with our parents again.
Luckily I've had that to get us by and I think by the time we are making ends meet there will still be some leftover to kick off our savings.
Here's hoping.

All I know is saving money can be done a little bit at a time. My dad is a guru with saving (and investing) and he told me this. Save up $10/wk for a year. Then in the 2nd year put away $20/wk. Then $30/wk the 3rd year and so on. It's an amount you could easily spend on silly things without noticing, so putting it away you won't miss it, and it's a great way to save. Obviously if you get to a point that you don't have the income to put away, say, $100 a week 10 years from now, that's ok. You stop when you can't go further and keep puttng away $30/wk or whatever it might be. But doing it every week you definitely will have a savings going.
I hope that might help.