Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Devil vs. the Angel

Sometimes, it feels like a little devil sitting on one shoulder and a little angel on the other. These are things I say to myself. Maybe you can recognize similar things in yourself?

The devil says "you know you can't reach your goal, you haven't so far, go ahead and eat the candy" and "who cares what you eat, it will taste so good and make you feel good" or "you know you want that pizza, or fries or ..." or even worse "your getting older" or "your ugly". The angel fights back with "this is just a little blip in the road, you have lost the most wt you ever have this past year, keep going" or "just eat healthy for today, and it will make you feel good" or "work out and push yourself, you know it will make you feel better" and "you are looking so much better than you used to getting those 40 pounds off" and "keep going, these baby steps will pay off over time and you can get to goal if you really put your mind to it!"
I think we are our own worse critic and I'm trying to let the angel win out and hear the positive comments. Usually I can do this but then the old devil pops in with his negative comments but I refuse to listen to them now. It is doing me no good.

On the exercise front it is going well, I'm going to try to get in 5 workouts this week. I started on Monday and got in 3 so far. I'm doing an hour of cardio most days (walking, jogging and elliptical machine) and then 1/2 of weight training on a few days a week. I think I will start swimming again on Friday as that is a light day at the pool. I want to start biking again but get bored easily on the stationary ones. I would like to try a spinning class. Has anyone tried one? What did you think? I love to bike outside but not in winter. When spring comes we have a great trail we do that is up to 16 miles.

I am thankful today that my Mom made it back safe from her trip to Argentina and Antartica. She was on this cruise boat and hit a hurricane type storms and 60 foot waves. The furniture was flying all over the boat, even pianos and doors. The windows were getting blown out and water coming in. She said she knows what it feels like to be on the Titanic, she was really scared for her life. They can't figure out why the captain didn't delay the trip as a storm warning was in effect. She thinks he had major pressure from the travel company to stay on schedule but jeez the risk he took as the boat wasn't as seaworthy as it could have been. My mom loves to travel to unique and far away places but we worry about her sometimes and on this trip we didn't hear from her for 2 1/2 weeks due to no email access and that was hard.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good week and I am doing a lot better and the one day at a time approach is working for now. It seems the scale is moving down about 2 pounds so I'm hoping I can keep it that way.


TrixieBelden said...

Congrats on going to the gym three times already this week. That's awesome! I have found the only way I can ride a stationary bike is if I am reading an article - for fun or for school. If not, it is torture! Enjoy the pool on Friday!

A Heathier Me said...

I absolutely love spin class. Although your rear end will be a bit sore after the first few times. I got a seat pad that really helped me out!

Great job

CactusFreek said...

I know what you mean about that little devil. The same devil says stuff like, "See, you are weak and useless." as soon as you do the wrong thing!
Have you read Dr Phils ultimate weight loss challenge book? That talks a lot about our inner voices. I think you might enjoy the book :o)

Good on you for doing the do even when you don't feel like it! :o)

Your mums trip on the boat sounds very scary. I'd hate to be in that situation.It's a good thing she's home in one piece!

Spider63 said...

Every night when I am working the overnight shift, around 4-5 a.m. I start hearing the little devil saying "You have earned a reward. Get a bag of fruit slices or a chocolate bar."

Sadly, sometimes I cave in. Working in a store that sells tons of candy does not help!

christie said...

Patty... I am so proud of you for getting back on track and doing so well. You are my rock.

I don't like spinning, but I think it's just hard sitting on that tiny seat at my weight. I have a wide seat on my own bike. You might like it just fine.

That must have been so scary about your mom!!! And I am so very glad that she's okay.

I relate entirely to your angel-devil talks. All the phrases you typed out are EXACTLY the battle I hear in my head all day long. I am trying to let the angel win out, too. Thank god for Ian, he is an angel too and alway saying the angel's side of things to me. It helps me so much. And so do you!!!

Wanna_B_slim said...

Oh dear.... what I have read i seem to read and feeel myself quite regularly... you are only human hun... Just take each day as it comes... even just by making one adjustment a day can get you back on track in no time...Dont let that little devil win... we all have one... Mine is called scotch.. hehe...;o)
Just stay positive... and when you cant.. hope on your own blog and go back thru your posts of how good you felt when the lasses were happeneing.. and you could see and feel the difference.. Stay Strong...
Oh and i am so glad your mother is alright... how scarey....

Tully said...

Congratulations on catching up to that wagon! I have been struggling with the same problems and am going to try for 5 work outs this week too. Here is hoping I will get back on that wagon too...

I am so glad your mum got home safely!!! Thank God!

Living to Feel Good said...

Temptation is so hard. I was in a total I don't care mood this week, and now I do care. Oh well only thing to do is move on right? Let's do it!

Glad your mom is home safe. How scary!!