Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just maintaining

Just maintaining this week and I'm ok with that. I have been off my regular routine as I've been sick a lot. I've started exercising again this week and will try for 4 or 5 times this week. I also need to get my eating in line and start eating more fruits and veggies. That's the goal this week.

I had a nice weekend and went to see the play 'Buddy' about Buddy Holly's life. It was really good and was mostly about the music. The main actor who played buddy was a local Seattle man who plays in the band the Dusty 45's. I've never heard of them but someone told me they sing rock-a-billy. I'm assuming it's a country rock kind of thing. Maybe I'll have to go check them out as he is really talented. We then went to the top of the Hilton and had a really nice dinner. It's nice to get some time in with my sisters, mom and some other women and do something fun. Sunday we went back up to Seattle as my hubby wanted to use his gift certificate I got him at this triathalon store. Chase and I played at Gasworks park that we've been to before (think I posted pics a while back) and then up to Greenlake to the playground. There is a running/walking path around Greenlake and it's about 3.3 miles. I should attempt to run that some day.

I've got a b-day coming up this weekend and we will probably just go out to dinner with my folks as they will be on their way down to Palm Springs, and it's count down to when my son and I will visit there at the end of the month, 7 more days......can you tell I'm excited to get out of town. It hasn't helped that it has been raining for like 10 days straight, sometimes the weather drives me crazy in Washington! I hope everyone is having a good week and I'll by to visit your blogs here soon.


celtic_girl said...

Hope you have a great birthday.Can you send some of that rain to us "Down Under"

Spider63 said...

Happy Birthday and have a great time! Palm Springs, Florida? I wonder how far from Miami that is?

angelfish24 said...

No, going to Palm springs, CA. (Wish it was Florida but CA is nice too.)

christie said...

I hope you're starting to feel better hun. Looks like you're very determined, yay! :)
I'm struggling, but I'm still here.
Have a wonderful birthday, my friend!!

Kim said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope that you enjoy your day!!

TrixieBelden said...

Happy (early) Birthday!

Sandii said...

excellent way to get back on track, setting goals like that! just re introducing your healthy habits, it's funny how you miss them isn't it? well i say good on you! and i hope you do run the 3.3mile track, i'm sure you will.

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday!!!

hope you're feeling better too!

CactusFreek said...

WooHooooo Happy birthday!!