Sunday, February 11, 2007

The weekend

I felt I was doing pretty good this week as I worked out 5 times this week, but, I have been having these strong cravings for sugar or maybe it's carbs and then I cave a little on the food intake. I'm not sure if I'll have a loss on Monday or not, we'll see. The weekend wasn't as good as I wanted. We just got back from going to my mom's (it's about 3 hours away). She fed everyone pizza last night and I indulged a little too much. It is one of my trigger foods. Arrggghhh!! And just seems every time I go to visit there I eat too much junk food. I got to see both of my sisters (as one was visiting for the night and the other lives in town) so that was nice. My dad bought a new van so we aquired his old Honda Odyssey van. It has a lot of miles on it but still runs good and the only bad point is my dad spilled gas in the back and it reeks of gas. We will have to take out the carpet and dump it I'm afraid as I don't think you can get rid of that smell. My hubby was feeling a bit woozy on the drive home in it as the fumes seem strong. It will be his vehicle as he has a real old truck and wants to get rid of that soon. We also did our taxes and I just have to finish them up. I really hate doing taxes every year and wish the government would make it easier instead of these blasted forms and itemized deductions, etc. every year!

My son's school has winter break and conferences this week so he is at Grandma's for a day or two so I get a little break which is nice. I'll go to the gym tomorrow and wt watchers, finalize the taxes and clean house (can't wait!). Just kidding, I hate cleaning house but it's getting real grubby around here. Sorry, just boring old news today.

I hope everyone is having a good week!


TrixieBelden said...

Pizza is one of my trigger foods too. It is also one of the foods I crave from time to time. I had a bad weekend - I'm not sure if I'm going to see a loss on Thursday either. Good luck!

Terri said...

Cravings are awful. I had my war with it this weekend.

I think I won this time but boy I am moody as all get out.