Friday, January 12, 2007

Feel like I'm climbing a slippery mountain

Here is Mt. Rainier from the view from the back of our house. Some days you can't see it very well but today it's out and it's beautiful. I especially like looking at it when it's late afternoon and the sun is going down and the mountain has a pink hue to it. Awesome. I hope that sucker never blows cause we'll be in trouble. You never know cause, Mt. St. Helens did years ago but I lived farther away then. Ash even came as far north as I was then about 5 hours away by car.

Well, I feel like I'm climbing a mountain these past few weeks. One step forward, two steps back. Exercising like crazy, then not exercising much at all due to weather. Eating good, then eating crap food like long ago, eating out way too much and too late at night. Not sure how I'm gonna get my head right. I haven't gotten really out of control but it's a reminder how far I need to go to get my head, body and health in order. Sometimes, you lose your way a little and it takes a while to get that mojo back. I mean I want this, I want to get to goal and to a healthy weight. What is holding me back?? The million dollar question I suppose. All I know is I can't throw in the towel as I really have made quite a bit of progress this past year. What the he*l is it? Fear of failure? Couldn't get my daddy's love? Self esteem telling me I can't or don't deserve it?? I tell you it's mind boggling some days and I get tired of the fight. But what is the alternative?? Going to a fatter body and not moving as much and feeling like crap?? NO WAY! I'm not going back, hear that fat! It's war and I will win this time. I think exercise is the key for me to stay on track so off to the gym in a few minutes as the roads are better.

On a happier note, my son and I are going down to Palm Springs at the end of February for my bday. My parents and another couple are going down there (snowbirds) instead of Arizona this year. I hope it's warm, and I can't wait!! My sis is going to Maui this summer and would love to go but don't think it's going to happen. It's for their 25th wedding anniversary and they are taking their boys too. Would be fun too as we still have some friends on Maui since we lived there years ago but most have moved on. Sometimes you get that island fever. Believe it or not, it is paradise but I got the island fever too and couldn't stay too long. It is so far away from family and from everything. You can't just get in your car and drive too far. Just around the island. I do miss the laid back atmoshere and slower pace of life, that's for sure! Have a great week everyone!!


CactusFreek said...

I can help you solve your diet woes...You need a chart!!!

Aawww whats wrong with Arizona for the holidays? I was looking forward to pictures of rediculously large cacti! lol

Living to Feel Good said...

What a beautiful view!! I love all the photos especially the snowman pic.

So you are right... you will win. Never surrender to the fat, fat has no chance!! MUhahahaha Watch out fat!!
Seriously you can do it though. Once you get the cravings out of the way, and you get back into your routine of working out you will feel it again. It's that time of the year. You;ll get your mojo.

So I would love to see your other blog if you will share with me.
My email is

Have a good weekend!

christie said...

That's right Patty there is no turning back!!! There's nothing good waiting for us if we give up. You are going AWESOME honey!

What a gorgeous view you have out your backyard... wow!!

FatMom said...

Wow, that's an amazing view! It is an uphill climb, this whole weight loss thing. But just imagine the view when we get to the top! Or, rather bottom? Well, you know what I mean!

Spider63 said...

What a view from the back of your house! All I see from the back of my house are the other condo units on the other side of the courtyard. On weekends it is usually fat guys in their shorts drinking beer on their patios. If I can avoid being depressed, so can you.

Try not to worry about your progress. Often, the worrying is worse than anything else. It is also self-destructive. Get used to the idea that you will always be fighting this battle your entire life. You can't just turn a switch on your cravings and bad habits.

So get used to getting back up after you fall down. It happens to everyone in different ways.