Tuesday, January 02, 2007

No excuses

watch and nanoHere's some of my favorite gifts from xmas. It's one of those ipod nano's that I'm gonna wear on an armband to work out with some tunes and a ironman watch to start timing my running or swimming. I'm psyched to start using them tomorrow!

I didn't weigh in today as I had to go up north of Seattle to pick up my son as he decided he wanted to be up at Grandma's with his cousins for some new year's eve fun. I don't think I'm going to WW this week and I am offering up no lame excuses, though my regular monday meeting was on a holiday. I probably should go just to get by head in order as I feel myself slipping at times on my healthy eating plan. Nothing major except for maybe that Red Robin bbq chicken burger, or those quesadilla chicken roll ups or that Dave's BBQ Chicken burger w/ fries! Yikes! See a bbq theme here. Ha! But I have been having good days too with eating healthy veggies and salads. My weigh in at home shows me up a pound up so I will attempt to get that off this week. I got in 2 workouts last week and will strive for 4 this week. My hubby was home all week and we ate out more than usual and the holiday, yikes. We were both pretty lazy this week compared to our usual weeks. We didn't make it up to the mountain or to a movie, just spent some good quality time together and had a quiet new year's eve at home. (Maybe these are lame excuses!)

Here's a photo of us at xmas eve at Mom's. She said, "Patty, you don't have to hide behind anyone anymore!" Old habits die hard I suppose. I hope everyone has a good week!! family xmas


Living to Feel Good said...

Awwww what a cute picture!! I tell ya..that nano sure is a big seller for Christmas. I know a lot of people got it this year. I have a pink mini, and I can't believe how light the nano is compared to my mini. My mini feels like a brick compared to it.

Don't worry about the food, as long as you enjoyed yourself during the holidays, and you don't make it a habit then you are fine!!
Happy New Year!

Flo said...

Nice looking family. I echo living's comments, just don't make eating like that a habit. I went a little crazy over the holidays too, but now it's right back on track.

Love the iPod. I have an older, think it's a 4th genertion, so compared to the Nano it's a monster, but I love it.

I have that watch too (in pink), it's great for workouts.

Spider63 said...

Happy New Year! Beautiful family, including you! I am not into I-pods because I see a lot of people walking around in a daze with those things on. I guess it must be providing a lot of entertainment?

christie said...

Ahhh the tricks we learn for hiding ourselves in photos!! Your mom is right, you don't have to hide anymore :)
I gained a little this week too as you know... no biggie... we can take it off!

christie said...

By the way... you're preeeetty :)

sandii said...

ipods are THE best! i'm getting a pedometre when i go to the US... i can't believe it's only 4 and a bit weeks...

good on you for getting back into it, the exercise is the one thing i can manage all the time. i love it.

have a great new year!!!

CactusFreek said...

Awesome pic! Merry Christmas :o)