Saturday, December 30, 2006

Back to working out

Finally got my mojo back as since about xmas eve I was losing a little of my motivation and drive. Think it was all the sweets and great Christmas dinner and wanting to just hang out with family and not do much of anything. So...forced myself to get to the gym yesterday and did a long, fast walk and a little of the elliptical machine. I need to get back into doing my yoga and more weight training and I will this week. We are back to the usual schedule next Tuesday when school starts up again for my son and then I will have more free time to work out!

Christmas time was great to see my family including my mom and dad, 2 sisters and all their families. One of the nephews got the new Wii game systems that lets you do active games while holding the console. It was kinda fun to try the bowling, tennis and baseball games. You feel like you actually are burning a few calories. We came home a couple of days ago and now are thinking of going up to one of the mountains and go sledding in the next few days. We've been a little lazy though and haven't gotten too motivated to get up early and go. Today, we may go to Seattle to the big IMAX theater and watch 'night at the museum on the big screen' or will just go around here to the regular theater. Also, will go get my haircut tomorrow as I'm hating it lately!

Good news was that I did get some comments on my weight loss so that's always nice. But, sometimes, my mother tells everyone and that gets me a little embarrassed at times with people I don't know well or don't want to talk about the wt loss. No big plans for new year's eve but we will do the party poppers and toast at midnight with our son as he enjoys that! Said it before but Happy New Year's to all of you, I can feel it's going to be a good one!


jeffrhodes said...

dKeep up the good work. You have a very nice blog.

sandii said...

hey glad to hear you're getting some compliments, you deserve them!

good on you for getting your mojo back, i've become addicted to the feeling of exercise and what it's doing to my body, i'm LOVING it!

Hope you have a fantastic new year and look forward to reading you in 2007!

Terri said...

I'm getting my mojo back. Funny how I feel like I went back to normal just as soon as it turn 2007.

I did not go hanging out with my family for Christmas. With that whole cookie comment and stuff and since I did spend Thanksgiving with folks I had skipt Christmas and stay to myself. I found plenty to do and things I need to straighten up about myself.

My folks did wonder why I didn't show up though.

I did spend time around my dad and that was about it.

I am so glad it is all over. ( Did I really say that?)

harah for 2007!!!!