Wednesday, December 20, 2006

article about eliminating your trigger foods

I'm a posting fool lately now that I have some free time! I came across this article called 'beat the bad habits that are beating your diet' and was kinda surprised that this lady recommends eliminating trigger foods from your diet, and I think she means forever! Most people just say eat in moderation and don't eliminate your trouble foods cause then you just want them more. I kinda believe in that, I mean not totally eliminating trigger foods but I just eat them occassionally as things like pizza or pasta or sweets sometimes make me just want more of the food. What do you think of this article? Give me your thoughts. I like at the end how she says the tortoise not the hare will win the race in the end. Sometimes it is a slow and long journey to get healthy.


Flo said...

Oh, the journey can be longer than you think!!

As for trigger foods, I think it's a personal thing. I tried moderation and it didn't work for me. I had to eliminate my trigger foods completly. To this day if I want a trigger food, I will only buy a single serving package. If I buy a large package I will eat the entire thing and anything else that's not nailed down.

So you have to find out what works for you and go with it.

Good luck!!!

Savy said...

Well, remember that trigger foods are those that you CAN'T just eat in moderation. They're the foods that make you want to eat everything in the house. That whole "you can't have just one" thing.

I'm back and forth. If you are someone who will eat everything if you even get a taste of the trigger food, then eliminate it. It's a 100% promise that it will ruin your day - and food shouldn't have that much power. but if you are the type who can have a little, then you are ok - it's not a true trigger, just a guilty pleasure, and those you should absolutely keep! :)

FatMom said...

Boy, I do have to say that I am SO much more successful when I totally eliminate my trigger foods...sugar and wheat. Also, there's some food I just can't eat in "normal" amounts, such as cake (wheat/sugar) and pizza (wheat). Wheat and sugar are my biggies.