Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Good and the Bad

Thought I'd talk about the good and the bad that has happened to me recently. Saw an old friend/boyfriend around Thanksgiving and he saw I had running shoes on and said, 'are you running?' and I said 'yeah, just a little' and he says 'you've lost weight haven't you?!' and I say 'yeah, I am working on it'! So that made my day! He is big into triathalons and doing a marathon this weekend and did the 1/2 marathon that my hubby did. They are friends and once in a while will do a tri together. He knows him through when they worked for my dad fishing in Alaska. It's not weird though and I like his wife too.

The bad was that I was going through photos from before the weight loss to some different months since and was thinking, 'man, you are still really fat!' And it just bummed me out I took another one last night and I do see quite a bit of improvement but I still have a ways to go. I just needed to get a reality check and know this is going to take a quite a while to get to goal. But do you know what I mean, you think, 'hey, I'm doing good and feeling good and looking better' and then you see a photo and it shows how far you still have to go! I will post the photos in a few weeks when I get down to -50. My before picture is not on digital so I'm still figuring out how to get my scanner to work so I can post the comparison shot. I wish I had done something like 'half my size/pastaqueen'. She has some great before and after's. She has the same pose and you can rotate her photos in 360 view. I'm afraid I'm just not that teckie and will have to do just regular shots. She also has the one where you can overlap your previous photo with a new one. Cool. Since I didn't start really with a posed before photo, I just found a candid photo my mom took. I sure tried to stay out of photos when I was heavier. The camera was like the plaque! But once in a while a photo got through. I should try to also scan this photo of when we went to Hawaii a few years ago. We all (my family and sister's family and parents) went to a luau and they take your group photo and when I saw it I was mortified by how I looked and knew I had to do something! I didn't recognize who that fat woman was in the picture. That couldn't be me?? Evil twin, ha! Of course, that turned in to a few years of losing 20 and then gaining 20 and the yo yo dieting again! A good thing it is different this time. There is no quitting this time and no skipping wt watchers meeting cause of a possible gain. That would be my downfall, it was in the past. I had a terrible pattern of dieting in spring and fall and then falling off the wagon during the holidays until spring again. It's no way to live and I think they say that yo yoing in weight just maked you fatter, I mean fat tissue vs. lean tissue and screws up your metabolism.

We had a good time last night going to my old high school state playoffs. The Oak Harbor Wildcats won the state championships in the AAAA. Awesome!!! And it was like old home week, as we were walking around looking for a my mom and dad and to find a seat, I saw like 6 or 7 classmates from the past. What a blast from the past!! Too bad there wasn't more time to visit but it was so crowded, I think the whole town came to the game plus alumni!!

Today, my hubby is putting up the xmas lights outside and maybe we will go find a tree. He wants to go cut one down somewhere and prob. will go to an xmas tree farm. And, I am attempting to study as have a big lab test on the brain, nerves, ear and eye on Wednesday that I'm not ready for yet. I keep on finding better things to do! Hope everyone is having a good week and I'm hoping for some kind of loss tomorrow at ww!!


christie said...

Hey sweetie. Yes I know exactly what you mean!!!!!! When I look at pics from my highest weight I feel good about what I've accomplished, but, pictures from now still make me want to find a way to eliminate all cameras from the world. LOL.
We can do this though!!!!!! Someday we will love how we look in pictures. Then just think how much better we'll have it than skinny chicks who have always been skinny and they nitpick over every little thing about themselves. We'll be so much happier because of how much we've improved, and we'll have such great self confidence!

Flo said...

Isn't it great to get a compliment?? I just love it!!!

You could be writing my story in this post. I have a picture of me holding my pit bull when she was 7 weeks old and teeny. The look on her face is ,please, don't let the fat lady eat me!?!?!?! I should scan it and post it. That was the picture that sent me over the edge. She's now 8 years old so that tells you how long I've been working on this. But it is a journey that really has no end so we all just keep pluggin along.

Keep it up and eventually we'll all be thin :)

angelfish24 said...

Yeah, I'm feeling better about photos today, I know I'm a work in progress and just need to practice my motto, Patience! The self confidence one is a hard one, have it some days others not too much. I know it won't magically appear when I'm thin. Heck, I know thin people who don't have enough of it! But it will help to like what you see in the mirror/camera.