Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Weight watchers changes

Still haven't read through all the ww book of all the changes that are happening but the biggest one seems to be how many points you get each day. There is a new formula (more personalized by person) that includes your age, your weight and your daily activity at your job, and your gender. It boils down to that men will quite a few more points and women can go up or down. I got one more point but will lose that when I get below 200. It seems every 10 lb category you get to you lose 1 point. Before, for instance, if I went to the 175-200 range I would have to go from 26 points at the 200-225 range and then down to 24 points at 199. Now I have 27 pts and will go down to 26 pts at 199 and then 25 pts for 189. I guess I like the system. It all works the same though as they are just playing with the points. You still get the extra 35 weekly points if want them anyhow. (Now that I've really confused you about points and you prob. don't care if you aren't on ww!) It's funny cause it seems every few years they change the points system but basically it's just another way of looking at it. It seems the core program had a few more changes like limiting what snacks you can have each day. The weight goal ranges seem to pretty much stay the same, they maybe added like 1 pound per height. It didn't seem like that big of a deal to me like I thought it would be. They say if it's working now, what your doing, why fix what isn't broken!

They also changed the starter kit. They used to have one that looks kinda like a small purse but now it will look like blue lunchbag. Our leader says it's because a man (for the 1st time) is running wt watchers and says more men are joining and that they will feel more comfortable with a lunch bag looking kit. We all thought it was kinda dumb and looked around the room of 50 people and there is 1 man! ha! I think more men would come but maybe they don't like talking about their feelings or they think there will be a room full of women, which there is. I think it's great when you see a couple there together. It seems they lose faster when they are both on the program.

I'm still trying to solve my photo problem and not getting them to post to my blogger. I will attempt it later when I have more time. Have a great day!

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