Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Switching to the beta blogger!

I was in the old blogger since last summer when I started this blog. It kept prompting me to go to the new beta blogger and I didn't. I decided to today (create a google account) as I'm having trouble posting to any blogs outside the US. It had been giving me the "not a secure site" when I posted to blogs in Australia, New Zealand and Netherlands. So thought maybe it was because I wasn't in the new beta blogger yet! So, if you have trouble making a comments to my blog I found it still works if you click on the 'anonymous' tab to make the comments. Not sure why there's issue w/ this!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


Marshmallow said...

Btw patty, you haven't actually allowed anonymous comments on your blog - so anyone who is having trouble with their profile can't comment on your blog at all. You'll have to go into your settings inside blogger to allow anonymous comments.

Secondly, sites outside the US sound a little bizarre - what could be happening is that bloggers perhaps have pictures hosted on non-secure sites (like some of your photos are hosted on ImageShack, which isn't secure - my profile images are hosted on Photobucket, which isn't secure, etc).

But yeah, you need to change your settings. Your blog currently doesn't allow anonymous comments - wasn't sure if you'd realised.

angelfish24 said...

Hi marshmallow,
yeah, I think I recently changed that security setting to not allow anonymous as I was getting some spam. Maybe I'll change back. I like the new beta blogger, easier for me to add stuff to the page.

Christina said...

They are really pushing the change, and I have a feeling it's intentional that it's hard to comments, because it will encourage everyone to switch. I guess I'm thinking about it.
At least I already have a google account for my email so I can post under it :)

lets see what happens!