Thursday, December 14, 2006

exercise, exercise, exercise

Concentrating on exercising this week and of course, counting my points. I'm trying for exercise 5 or 6 times this week, starting with Monday. so far, today will be 4. I'm jogging again and still finding it very hard. My back has been bothering me and not sure why. Maybe it had to do with sitting on my butt by the computer last weekend. Yesterday I jogged 1 mile and walked 2 miles, then did a 30 minutes on the elliptical. I was a sweaty mess. I'm trying to increase my cardio and see what I can do but without hurting myself. I've been exercising since May consistently so I'm gonna push it to the next level and see if it jump starts my weight loss.

The scale was showing progress yesterday and jumped down 2 pounds but it seems that as soon as I eat out (did the ww entree at Applebee's) then it's back up 2 pounds. Oh well, hopefully if I watch it this weekend I'll see it go down by Monday. I really was thinking of moving my weigh in day to later in the week as it seems that my Wednesdays I recover from the weekend but I like my leader so I'll stick with Monday's. Too bad the holidays fall on that day so I'll have to figure what to do about that.

Here's a cute white christmas song at and if you need a wt loss succes story, here is one at I'm finally gonna get high speed internet tomorrow. I had been putting it off due to not wanting to pay more but the slow connection is driving me crazy and I caved in. We will also get digital tv and the hdtv box due to an early xmas gift of a bigger tv and the reception is a little fuzzy!!! I wish I had time to watch tv but the 5 year old wants to watch cartoons!! I would have like to see that biggest loser finale but I haven't been watching it from the beginning due to night school so I'll check out their web site. Well, I hope the faster internet connection will help me with my photo posting problem. I've tried everything from different web sites to clearning the cache from the computer but no luck!

We are looking forward to the weekend as Grandma will babysit our boy and we will have date night!!! Woooooohoooooo!!! Actually we are going to this new higher tech bowling alley and they cater more to adults on Friday nights and we will have some cocktails and we will meet up w/ 5 of my ladies groups and their husbands. I'm looking forward to it but my hubby isn't. He's not a drinker anymore and I think he doesn't like some of my friends. But oh well, I've gone out w/ his friends on occassion so it's payback time! And it will be fun, I tell him. Then maybe saturday we will do some alone time and go to a movie or something so looking forward to it! You know what I mean if you are parents! Have a great day. I'm gonna try to get some more xmas shopping done today!

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Christina said...

Way to go on the exercise! I felt the same way as you, I've been doing this regularly, gotta bump it up. I've been doing higher intensity and for longer than before, and it really worked this week! I know it will for you, too!

I am bummed that I have to go to my meeting wednesday this coming week. At least it is the same leader as my thursday meeting, but, it's not the same, it's not entertaining like my thursday group. However our company is arriving tuesday and then wednesday night we are going to stay the night up in the mountains, so i wouldn't be able to go to my meeting thursday morning. :(

Enjoy your weekend plans!!