Friday, January 26, 2007

Success story

Here's a ladies success story of losing 100 lbs and she still has some more to go.
I get ww newsletters from time to time and like to read the success stories. Last time it was a lady that lost 19 pounds. I mean, good for her, but I just can't relate to a small loss so I like these bigger ones. The lady mentions having a inpirational leader named Janice. Hey, that's the name of my leader but I can't tell where this lady is from.

I'm back to jogging again. It's darn hard but I think I notice a slight improvement. I will try to up my distance a little each week. I am darn slow but that's ok. Everyone passes me on the indoor track but oh well. Some of them have so much stamina and seem to go a long distance but others are on the walk one lap, jog 2 laps, that I do for now. I'm doing more wt training and I am sore. I'm doing some hour and half workouts doing 1 hr or more of cardio and then wt training. I'm going to incorporate a little swimming and biking soon. The food intake isn't that great but don't think I'm gaining though I know I am going to be up for not weighing in for a while. I will face it this week and won't look back. I'm not throwing in the towel, it's just a hard time for me right now but I'll get back into the swing of things. It's a weird thing but as I am driving down the road as see restaurants and new places I haven't tried, I'm thinking "I want to eat that and that and that!". Not a good thing, I had gotten rid of that voice for quite a spell and now it's rearing it's ugly head again. I'm trying to figure it out and it takes time. Trying to fake it till I make it on the food front.

Can anyone give me a tip on how do to a hyperlink to a web site. It used to link on it's own when I copied and pasted but not anymore. Thanks.

Hope everyone is having a good week!


christie said...

I'm going to try to put in the code for making a hyperlink but it might actually TAKE the code and then it won't show up... so if it doesn't work I'll try again another way.

Name of Site

christie said...

lol yeah, it used it instead of showing you.
I'm not sure how to keep it from doing that

When you compose your blog entry try checking if you are in "edit html" mode or "compose" mode... if you're in compose mode you can click a link button when you want to make a link.

I'll try emailing you the html and see if that works

Spider63 said...

It's not speed that counts. The race goes to the slow but steady turtle. Most (but not all) of those speed freaks usually burn out after a short time and you never see them again at the gym.

The rest of them are incredible athletes and would blow past you even if you spent the rest of your life running every day. So don't worry about the others. Just make sure you do what you need to do!! Get to where you want to be.

Sandii said...

i am a blogging spastic so i'll take the advice of the lovely Christie and try to remember it myself!

good on you for recognising the struggle you are having with the inner voice, Lord i know that voice too well! you are doing so well especially keeping up the exercise. just one thing at a time, that's all you have to do, just small steps!!!

TrixieBelden said...

I think it is great that you are jogging. From what I hear, starting is the hardest part. It is so high impact I'm sure it is hard to have stamina in the beginning. But as you continue to do it, your lung capacity will improve. I am so impressed with how long you work out for. I must admit that when I started working out I only rode the bike for 20 minutes, but then I started reading in blogs like your's that people were working out for over an hour and I'm like, I gotta move it, so I upped it to 45 minutes at a time. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kim said...

Good for you for the jogging!! YEAH!!