Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Latest update and felt need for a separate private blog

I thought I'd update that I'm up a pound this week. No real surprise there for me. I have been a little off track since Christmas. But I'm not sweating about it cause I know I can get it off. If not this week then next for sure! It seems some of my food cravings or past addictions have come back. I have felt so in control most weeks since I began this journey on May 1st.

I actually made a post called 'the dark side of addiction' having to deal with the past and some of my family problems, specifically my father, and how that has affected me today. After putting it on this blog, for all in blogland to see, I thought better of it. It was too real and too painful for me to share with the world. Now that I've got your interest, ha! I decided to create a private blog where only a few can see. This will help protect me and my family with things I'm not ready to share with everyone and in case any of my family have found their way here. If you really feel the need to read it, leave me your email and I'll let you see it.

I will keep this blog for the intention that it was created - for a weight loss and fitness journal and a few details of my so called 'life'. This will still be my main blog. I hope everyone is having a good week!!!


Terri said...

I could have a Dark Side blog.

All the crazy things about my own father.

My biggest issue is the huge hole in my heart over the fact my mother is gone and I had walked by her side during the time she had cancer and had to set there and watch her die. It has almost been 5 years and it still feels like yesterday.

I am up two hours early and I am not to happy about it. I am pretty much up over the fact my mind started to think about things. Folks , missing my mother, wondering where my life is going.

There are actually somedays I feel lost and don't share that side of my world. As much as I like to type about what has really bothered me. The last thing I need is one of my folks finding it on the web. It doesn't take much but to google.

I don't share my weight loss blog with my folks or even my friend. They do not know anything about this blog and ironicly this is the blog that I do the most blogging on. They only know of the Myspace blog.

Flo said...

Angel, I too have a private blog. When I started Step away from the cake, I had no readers and felt free to write anything I wanted. As time progressed and people actually started reading my blog I found myself becoming more cautious in what I wrote. That's when I started my other blog. That one will never be known and that's the way I like it. Privacy in some matters is a good thing :)

Sandii said...

i'll have a read and if you're interested i had to change my blog as it disappeared so this is my new updated link!

email me the link through my profile, easy peasy!

thanks and don't stress, it's only a pound!

christie said...

Hey Patty... sorry I didn't make it to the post last night like you asked me to! But I got your email link also so I will check it out.